Weight is lost in kitchens. Health is gained in gyms.

Quote from one of the blogs I read each morning called Weighty Matters:

Weight is lost in kitchens. Health is gained in gyms.

Not sure why I can’t seem to remember that. Each gain/loss I think about my exercise, but the nutrition is really the key to weight. Exercise is the key to muscle.

Obesity, Willpower and Diets: Replace Products with Produce

Great article I read this morning from an obesity expert from Canada who writes the Weighty Matters blog:

“The most commonly accepted idea about obesity and health that society desperately seems to want to cling to is that both are simple matters of personal responsibility. If that were true, it would mean that over the past 60 years the world has seen an epidemic loss of willpower …”

“And rather than worry about what the next best diet is, focus instead on decreasing reliance on processed and restaurant foods and strive continually to replace products with produce.”

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/08/24/5115935/heres-the-skinny-on-obesity-research.html#.U_9LhPmwK-Z#storylink=cpy

Delicious Mango and Black Bean Salad

The lime and cilantro taste together is awesome!!

Mango and Black Bean Salad

1 can black beans, drain and rinse
2 mangos, diced
2 ripe avocados diced
1/2 red onion diced
Handful of cilantro finely chopped
Juice of 1 lime
Salt and pepper

Add more crunch with some cucumber. . And if you like spice, add a 1/2 jalapeño

Combine it all, and refrigerate.

Maintaining with Dinner – My Biggest Challenge

I have little trouble keeping up the exercise these days. I actually enjoy and look forward to going to the gym or a bike ride. (Yesterday was 4 circuits of 3 exercises each repeated for 8 minutes and then a run around the track, rest one minute.  8 x 4 = 32 + 4 one minute laps = 38 minutes of exercise. High intensity with weights, abs, arms legs.) But this isn’t a post about Exercise.

My challenge is not over eating. Meaning my challenge is I want to over eat. Not being what I’m trying not to do. The double negative makes it confusing.

The exercise makes me hungry. And I even after working on WW since 2007 (in 49 days I will hit the 7 year mark of working with WW), I still don’t have a week of meal plans that I love.

Yes, I have breakfast down.  5 points (love egg beaters (o) and arnolds (3). sometimes with veggies (0) . Once in a while with real cheese(3), but usually with Kraft No Fat Cheese (2). Sometimes toast.  I usually have a 5-7 breakfast.

don’t forget preworkout: banana (0)and 1 T peanut butter (3)

10 am snack: banana, apple, plum etc. (0)
And I have about 4 lunches I like. – vegies with tuna 2 & greek yogurt 4 (for 6) OR greek salad with chicken (8) /cobb salad w chicken (6-12 depending on the cheese) no bacon OR subway veggie & turkey 6″  honey wheat(7).  Sometimes quinoa instead of tuna with mustard.

On workout days I crave pretzels around 3 pm. That can be a challenge if I bought a big bag.  (3 pts for 28 oz serving… sometimes I have up to 3 or 4 servings! that’s trouble!! – best not to start)

But other than my Monday night dinner standby, I have an assortment of dinners but I don’t have it organized.

Monday: boiled cauliflower – love it.  With olive oil, tumerick and a little salt and pepper. Love this.  no fat sour cream, promise or other 45 cal spread butter like

Other dinners:

  • boca 2 with arnold 3
  • spinach with sauted mushrooms and onions in olive oil 4
  • roasted veggies – peppers, green beans, broccoli, egg plant, tomatoes, ruttabegga, carrots, (Fave is RED  PEPPERS!) with olive oil and roasted then sprinkled with salt. depends on the EVOO but usually 3 pts.
  • Thursday is Pot luck night. Trouble after biking because you never know what you’ll get and I’m hungry and the pressure of a buffet (unlimited go back food.) All the signs of trouble for me. Luckily most people bring very healthy dishes. But some white rice. Or heavy dressing with lots of sugar and salt in a pasta salad. Or chocolate dipped carbs.  Better figure 20 points and use my weeklys. I always bring a full bubbly water and finish it. Stopped even sips of wine because it lowers my resistance for small portions, is trouble when I’m even slightly dehydrated and I don’t need the extra calories. In the fall it will be Tues/Thurs. But after the 2nd workout off the day. And later, because we are inside. (the good thing is WW gives me 16 activity points for more than 12 mph for 90 minutes. They call it cycling-racing. ha ha)
  • Baked, zapped potatoes – small red is current favorite, but yams are also good.
  • Squash soup. Fall 6 minute recipe. Night before bake or roast the squashes. (butternut, acorn, 1/2 a can of  libby pure pumpkin in a 15 oz can and /or other squash – maybe zuchinni) Next night scoop out and into VitaMix with dash of vanilla, a little almond milk, big dump of pumpkin pie spice. Thick soup that tastes just like pumpkin pie filling!

Maybe I will add to this post, to include dinners that I like and actually make.


Motivation, Habits and Outcomes

I keep coming back to why I do the things I do.

In my early morning routine, I’ve tried to set up a series of habits and routines that I am using to get fit and stay fit.

Each morning I do this:

  • weigh myself – today was 150.4
  • make a coffee – about 25 years ago got rid of the sugar and about 4 years ago most of the milk. I occasionally use skim.
  • plug in my movband – to sync and to charge it
  • look at yesterday’s activity, my activity for the week and compare to my goals and formal exercise,
  • read my weight loss, maintenance, exercise blogs

Every other day:

  • weigh in and then put on my work out clothes
  • grab the coffee, fill the water bottle, grab a banana and a small spoonful of peanut butter
  • go to the gym and workout with a group
  • grab a drip coffee and drive home… loving that feeling of the endorphins.

In the summer – bike rides about 2 or 3 nights a week. In the fall, double up on the workouts.  Winter, ski and spin.  Spring – pull weeds in the garden. (No wonder I have trouble keeping the weight down in the early spring!)

I was weighing in with WW once a week.  Now that I’m lifetime, it only needs to be once a month.  And if you show up and you’re over your goal by 2 pounds, you pay.  That’s a real demotivator.  I find if I wake up spot on my goal, by mid-end of the day, if I would go weigh in I better have really light clothes on because the 2 pounds are back on plus from liquid and food.  So the answer is I have to be 4 pounds below goal to feel confident to go weigh in at WW. Because I don’t want to pay.  I made it in May, June and July.  But in July my card didn’t type in correctly and so they hit my credit card.  And if I go to a meeting, they want cash.  While WW was excellent when I was on the plan, the whole lifetime thing is the opposite of motivational.  Especially when I am staying at my goal where I want to be.

Other negative of my new habits/activities: I have a huge amount of laundry, more than double of what I had before. And sweaty.  I find that I want to dress in workout clothes more than work clothes and they have become my default “casual” play clothes.

I’m trying to figure out some new habits that will fix these two negatives and set some more activities that will lead to better 0utcomes.  Not sure I clearly understood that habits, routines, activities are the things that make the outcomes. I mean it only makes sense.

So instead of setting goals like: lose weight or get healthy, which are outcomes, I just need to set goals like work out every Saturday morning early, or swap out one vegetable serving for a carb serving at lunch. A blog – Less Wrong – I read on habits and goal setting this morning gave me some new insights into how I should maintain my weight loss.

Gotta focus on what I do… not on the goal.  The goal will come if I keep doing what I am doing.  That’s a phrase I used to hate when I’d get feedback on a review or from a teacher/coach.  Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.

What I should have realized is that my actions create the outcome.  You can’t work on the outcome, you just work on the activity.  Creating routines and habits make the activity more effortless.  Even desirable.

Bad habits lead to bad outcomes.  I guess that is obvious.  That little snack in the afternoon.  Okay if the cookie or treat doesn’t become a habit.  Or if the habit is a good habit, not a bad habit.

Wonder how often you have to do something to become a bad habit? or how easily a good habit turns bad? It’s definitely harder to turn bad habits into good habits.

I used to go out to eat with a friend of mine after WW.  Every Tuesday a different restaurant.  The fast food cheap restaurants were not good choices so we ended up at a couple of the Quick Serves where there were heart healthy things on the menu.  Chicken, broccoli, rice. No sauces.  The chicken was stiff, the rice too salty, the broccoli was floating in butter. Un satisfying.  And – bad habit – my credit card started paying the price!  Oh yeah and a glass of wine.

Then we graduated to nicer restaurants, more expensive. Ouch. My finances were getting hit hard.  So I stopped going out to eat afterwards. Funny but the friendship worn thin.My friend went the way of cooking at home with sauces and dropped out of WW.  I ended up going to the gym more. and more. Hanging with friends who were not doing WW but instead would sign up for 5Ks and extremely long bike rides.

The focus became more about fitness and endurance –  much less on points and not on restaurant food.  More potlucks with quinoa. (I never even heard the word until about 3 years ago and now I must eat it 2 or 3 times a week and search for recipes.) I tried to get the WW friend into the new group of friends, but it really didn’t jive.

Anyway, enough about the history.  More about the goals vs process.  I think you can work on the process but not on the goal. The goal is the outcome and the habits/routines/process/activities need to be set up to hit the goal/target/outcome.  You can’t work on the outcome. You can only work on the activities.

Gotta pick activities that are fun. Enjoyable. Want to do. Drawn to.

Activities and habits have to be in support the outcomes that I want.  Not the opposite. So when I get involved in an activity, I should ask myself – if this becomes a habit or a normal routine, will this support or detract from my desired outcome / goal?




Preparing for MS 150 Pedal to the Point

Last week was a good preparation week:
Rode Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday:

16 BP lot to Hudson/Judson & back
15 Big Creek Parkway and back to brew kettle
17 Brandywine Falls to Overlook & back
67 dog days wine tour
115 total bike miles

- sounds like a lot of drinking, but I skipped the alcohol and stuck with water for hydration and to make boot camp at 5:30 in the morning possible!

2 boot camps with Jerry G (Tues and Thurs)

Back at Boot Camp and Biking!!

Saturday did a boot camp. Over light. Not a twinge of pain.
Sunday did yard work like crazy that had been piling up. Weeded, pruned, raked.
Then a friend texted me about a bike ride. Sure, I said.
Then it turned into 43 miles and I was POOPED! Extremely tired. Too long without food once again. I don’t think I drank enough water. Maybe I should bring gatorade (YICK!)
Monday did a boot camp. Medium effort, not all out. Felt an ache after about 45 minutes, but not pain.

I’ve been rolling my hamstring near the hip and both of my calves every day without fail.

Knock wood, I think I’ve improved so that I can exercise all out again. And I’m going to find a yoga class that I like.  I did a restorative yoga last Monday and it made a difference… I don’t really enjoy that style of yoga as much. I don’t think I’m “advanced” enough in my practice.  Also, planning for when I can get that next massage.

So today is weigh in day for WW and I’m up 149.4. I think because of the exercise I’ve been eating more. Better wear light clothes so I can make the cut off!

Hamstring Pull

Funny how things worked. Pulled a hamstring muscle on June 21st and stopped all exercise for 11 days. Ow, ow, ow, OUCH. Ice and heat and rest. Compression. Barely got work done. It’s hard not to limp when it hurts. Finally went to get a massage. Smartest move ever! Note to self, if you’d been getting massages during all this exercise, you probably wouldn’t have had the injury to start with.

Much better. so much that last night did a 16 mile bike ride without even a twinge of pain. Did a Yoga class – restorative – on Monday.

The funny part is, as soon as I stopped boot camp, I was less hungry. I’ve been 148 ish most of the time since I stopped exercising. Hope I didn’t lose muscle.

I’m starting back up slowly. Monday will be back at bootcamp, but only doing an over light job.

Didn’t work – 4 Pounds Up

Okay, so a 1.5 mile run in the morning followed by 10.5 hours in the car is not enough to hold your weight. Esp when you eat “normally” in the car.

Woke up to 153.8 on the scale. Four pounds?!? in 2 days?!? even with good choices? It’s got to be puffiness from just sitting and sitting and sitting and sitting. I spent 19 hours in the car and 10 hours sitting in meetings and then to dinner. Feel like a slug. Gonna grab my bike and do some heavy breathing at 18 mph.

Today will stick to my plan. Tomorrow will be better on the scale.

Business Trip – FOCUS

Business travel is hard to stay focused on nutrition and moving. On a business trip and trying to keep if off. Very little moving around and lots of eating. Wow.

  • Doing a run/jogging at least once a day.
  • Eating intentionally. – except for that bag of pretzels I wolfed down.
  • Drinking water. water. water.
  • Lots of chewing gum.  So it is a conscience decision to eat.
  • Not just a decision to eat, but deciding best choices of what to eat.
  • Making an excuse to walk around and get away from the conference table.
  • Driving and driving and driving means lots of sitting.
  • Stretching at the rest stops.

Water!! Is crucial. Not only does it keep my appetite at bay, every few hours I’ve got to get up and walk around.

Sandwiches showed up at lunch time. and chips. and cookies.  all from the most healthy quick/inexpensive place to get lunch for a business group/meeting with a vendor: Subway.  I chose turkey over the ham or roast beast. No chips. No cookies. Water. And then two more waters from the drinking fountain.  And then a walk around the parking lot.

I eat when I get a little bit socially nervous. Like meeting with people I don’t know on a project. Small talk and food go together. So not eating means holding a water or a coffee with little sips.

Dinner was a choice of ever restaurant at a main interstate overnight extravaganza. Every hotel chain of 3 stars was represented and a couple of 2 stars thrown in.  So it was Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Lone Star /Applebees and Pizza Hut/KFC /Taco Bell both every quick serve restaurant and fast food restaurant you could imagine.  I was given the choice so I picked a steak house. a local steakhouse.  Ordered the grilled chicken, broccoli and salad. with water.  OMG that was predictable. but I did it.  Only by a binge eat of a whole bunch of pretzels in my room before we went.  But hey, with the time change and a late business dinner I needed something.  Should have grabbed the banana and apple I saw in the lobby when I went to meet them before dinner. That would have been better than pretzels but I was craving carbs.  Even after a sub at lunch.

All in all not too bad.  Too much salt, but not bad for on the road. I give myself 4 stars.  Plus I ran in the morning!

About to put on my running clothes and go run before the day officially starts.

When I left with my suitcase I was 149.8.  Tomorrow morning when I wake up in my own home, I want to be the same. A run this morning will make all the difference.