Workout on Saturday

Good Work! Although I didn't get everything done in the hour, I got a great workout in!

Good Work! Although I didn’t get everything done in the hour, I got a great workout in!

A Week of Exercise – 7 Months of Moving!

Moveband resultsI’m still fighting with the few pounds I gained at the beginning of February but this week was able to get it back on track and down 2 pounds. Althought the scale is still catching up, I think it’s actually more because can feel it in my clothes and my stomach. I ate less carbs and made sure on my meals out I ordered a salad with grilled chicken.

I actually took a day of rest on Sunday (see the chart above) and did “nothing” – gave blood in the morning so I felt justified in not doing anything! It’s funny that it shows up in the chart as nothing. See the big dip on Wednesday, it’s just yoga. I’ve been active – no kidding!

Here’s this past week of exercise:
a week of exercise

Grabbing my “FITNESS” Back, because the Sneaky Weight creeping back on…

It’s that tough time of year when I just want to curl up on the couch and watch movies. And eat.

And about 6 pounds over my goal has come back on. It’s not all salt. In fact there is a noticeable gain around my belly. I gained an inch in my waist.

I’m still working out 3 days a week at a HIIT style boot camp, so I’m keeping up my strength, but it’s not “easy” it’s harder. Carrying around a 5 pound weight makes a difference. You wouldn’t think so, but it sure does.

I didn’t weigh in all of February. There’s a new leader at my WW and I half blame that. I don’t click with her.

It’s cold outside and icy, so I can’t run. My ankles hurt (a little) my knees (a little) so I’m taking it easy. Oh and I’m hungry.

Time to walk 3 miles at lunch. Count my calories. Count my veggies, cut back on the carbs and drink my water.

C’mon chris, you know how to do this!

Gotta get below scream weight (150) and back to goal of 149 and less. I weighed in at 154.4 this morning. I haven’t been below 151 all February following a “potluck” party where I just ate. Gotta grab back my fitness mindset!

Today. 8 waters. Long lunch walk. Spin tonight.

Blogging to maintain the weight loss

I’m posting this link on my site so I can especially follow the maintainers. Here are the 2013 most inspirational weight loss bloggers with links to 10 blogs. Here are another 35 healthy eating bloggers.

I’m especially interested in the maintainers.

Maintaining isn’t “exciting” or dramatic like the loss is. People stop saying how amazing you look. Some days I just feel older or tired or stressed… and I forget how empowered I felt when I lost. Other days the feelings of “who cares” sneak back in.

Things I’m trying to do to MAINTAIN the motivation for a healthy diet:
1) read maintainer blogs
2) get a lot of exercise until it is such a habit that it’s like coffee in the morning
3) eliminate the “old big” clothes from my wardrobe
4) plan my meals
5) track what I ate or will eat

I’ve done well with the reading and exercising, but I’m surprised how difficult it is to do the tracking or to keep throwing away or giving away clothes that don’t fit anymore. I have a real thing about that. Hiding them in the basement or under the bed. Just in case. It’s like I am setting myself up for slipping back.

Tracking was always the hardest. But the most effective. Not hard in the morning… or even lunch. But the evening. And evening is my hardest time not to just eat.

My willpower is at a lower level. It seems like a reward for the day (Yes, I still think of food as a reward, so maybe that’s part of the problem!)

Starting 2014 Out Right

I’m feeling like I’m going to rock 2014.  Although a cough/cold had me down for 2 weeks to less physical activity than I like, I found that my appetite was not as strong then either.

Managed to maintain (actually lose a few) through the holidays. Managed isn’t the right word – I planned it and worked my plan.  Lots of work outs and really watched what I ate.  When I had the opportunity I held back with lots of veggies and not too many carbs/sweets.

Getting a VitaMix for Christmas was awesome too.  Makes vegetable chopping a dream.  I have made several soups (my favorite squash-pumpkin-banana- with vegetable stock- pumpkin and nutmeg spice. OMG.  AWESOME!)  as well as many many green (spinach, kale, celery, carrots, ice) smoothies.  Lots of vitamins but hard to get down when you make too much and I usually do.

But best of all is fresh fruit ice cream.  (frozen strawberries, and/or bananas, rasberries, peaches, mangos etc… with ice and almond milk.  And a teaspoon or two of honey)   It totally freezes your insides but is delicious!

Workout wise: Mostly boot camp but threw in a few more swimming, skiing and a couple of runs.

Tuesday – bootcamp 5:30 am to 6:30
Weds – rest
Thursday – bootcamp 5:30 am to 6:30
Friday – rest
Saturday – bootcamp 7 am to 8 am
Sunday & Monday – rest

Plus:  Saturday 4:30 yoga.  Saturday or Sunday – ski. Monday night ski. Thursday night ski.
Moved the office  – burned about 300 or 400 more calories everyday packing, moving and unpacking all those boxes!
This morning: 148.8.  Lowest in December: 145.2  Highest: 152

The Toughest 5 Weeks of the Year

I’m beginning week 2 of what I consider the toughest 5 weeks of the year to maintain. It’s the Thanksgiving to New Years Day marathon.

It’s not the food really. For me it’s all the expectations of “family, food and fun” but in the last few years has felt more “should” “have to” and me falling short, than fun, festive and looking forward to…

Not sure if I can capture the feelings right. Don’t get me wrong, my heart lifts at a beautiful snow fall gently coming down, but if it’s pre Christmas, my mind goes to “what do I need to do next.” did I get that box in the mail? what about the ____.

And I find myself starring into the refridgerator. Like what I’m searching for is in there. Ha ha.

When I went shopping yesterday, I forgot to buy my flavored water. It’s one of my key tools for not starring into the fridge.

Since I’m planning to work from home more in the coming year, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a top ten list of ways to stay on the maintanence track when too much food is just 6 steps away.

This is for my “work from home” days:

1) start every “stay home day” morning early by going to the gym for a class or a routine.

2) Sit on the workout ball for 2 hours instead of my desk chair

3) Upright Plank 2, T- side plank 1 each side, Upright plank 1 more for a total of 5 consecutive minutes of abs

4) Do a load of laundry every day. Which is 6 sets of stairs (down into the wash, back up. down into the dryer, back up. down to fold, back up.) Make a reason to do the stairs 4 other times – clean 2 minutes in the back corner by sorting old papers and come back up.

5) Make a zero point soup in the morning for lunch/dinner. Or tuna with quinoa. Or smashed cauliflower. Or shrimp salad for dinner and have it sitting in the fridge with anticipation.

6) plan to do a middle of the day yoga class or an early evening class to get the blood back into the brain after sitting for 3 hours straight.

7) Figure out the Christmas gift list now and buy one gift and wrap it every day.

Today’s weight: 150.4 which means .4 above scream weight.

2 5k’s this month

Ran a 5K in 36:06 the beginning of the month. Could have pushed it more, but it was the first one I’ve run in a long time and I knew a lot of people in the race, so I didn’t want to die at the end.

Friday night a friend called and we ran the “full moon” run at 9 pm. Can’t believe I did it because I’m afraid of the dark in the woods (and it was a trail run!) plus it was after 9 pm and that’s when I usually go to bed! Not sure of my time, in fact I forgot all about it when I came running in, but when I went back later to look the clock was at 42, so I did pretty good I think. Walked some near the end because I didn’t want to twist my ankle and I’d hit a pretty good root when I was deeper in the woods. Plus I came out as a “human” not a zombie… so in theory, they are going to take one minute off of my time.

Worked out with my sister on Saturday. Relaxed most of Sunday, except for doing some yard work.

Long Bike Rides this month

I realized that I never wrote about the long bike rides this month:

August 3 – 75 miles
August 4 – 75 miles
August 11 – 24 miles
August 22 – 16 miles
August 24 – 23.5 miles
August 25 – 99.5 miles

Yes, I figured wrong and didn’t quite make the century… Sun was too bright and we thought that my husband’s Strava said 80.8 not 80.0… so when we got in the parking lot with 2 miles to go, we rode the extra two with a 0.5 just to be safe…

Oh well still a really fun ride.

This weekend is Labor Day and don’t have a big ride planned. Probably doing a little ride tonight.

Going to have 325 miles for the month.


4 minutes of a plank. At bootcamp today. Nuff said.

Note to self… sports bras

Wacoal sports bra
amazon Enell
The Underarmor
Moving Comfort Fiona
Under Armour zip front bra, high impact sports bra
Natori, found at Nordstrom