On Track during Thanksgiving

Wow, made it thru the biggest eating holiday of the year… even with stressful family situations that totally get me to emotionally eat.

Here’s the strategies that worked:
1) Tiny portions of protein, veggies and only my very most favorite carbs.
2) tiny seconds of protein and veggies
3) Half a portion of dessert
4) two bottles of flavored water

Non Food:
5) HIIT workout in morning – (155 rate up to 170 ish for an hour, dropping to 130 during the 3 water breaks)
6) Chew gum
7) Made it about the people – talked to each of my sisters individually
8) Took a walk when things got tense
9) Didn’t eat during clean up or prep.

Results for the weigh-in on Friday morning: same as the weigh-in on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  One month, down six pounds.

Feel really good about how things went. Because I was using all my strategies, I don’t have the anxious, “gotta gotta eat” feeling.

Now on to the next 7 pounds before the end of the year! 35 days! You can do it!




Slower but still on Track

I had a good run on Saturday at the Turkey Trot. My friend even won second place in our age group. (cool trophy!!) I turkey trotted along, pushing myself over the hills up and down to finish the 5 miles with a 12:12 pace just over one hour. I’d love to set one of my 2016 goals to do 5 miles in a sub one hour!! I think it is doable, but weather, course elevation, footing and my weight need to all be more optimal.

I ran most of the race with a guy in front of me wearing a weight jacket and I bet he had about 15 extra pounds. I kept thinking, hey, I have about 10 extra pounds… even 15, myself. I bet my time would rock if I can take off my jacket. (although my weight is more like weight pants since I’m carrying around my hips and thighs.)

Two women in front of me and one behind me were part of the same family (mother, daughter and grandmother… 38, 16 and 62.) There sister was there too. I would run and catch the 38 year old and 16 year old. Then they would run and get ahead of me. This went on for miles!  They finished about a minute ahead of me. During that last big hill as I saw them really pull away from me, the thought crossed my mind, I’m looking up their ages. They’ve got to be at least 10 years younger than me. So true.  20 years and 42 years! The one that was my age (4 years older than me came in at a 14:53 mile,) so I was 2:41 per mile faster. Of course she was probably walking as I was running, so I guess I shouldn’t be smug about it.  I’ll get faster as a I lose the weight.

I’m promising myself that!!

Eating was more of a challenge over the weekend with 4 other events (pizza meeting, out to dinner at a burger joint… then a fundraiser and bonfire) during the weekend.

How I coped:
1 – pizza meeting. One slice of cheese veggie only. (got a stomach ache anyway from the fat when I’ve been so good at eating cleaner.) Wished I had skipped it due to stomach ache. Not worth the calories and it was papa johns (My old favorite) Now is a definite skip.
2- burger place. ordered a broiled chicken salad with dressing on the side. Did indulge in 1/2 an order of sweet potato fries. Not too bad because fell within my food calories.
3- fundraiser. chewed gum during most of the fund raiser – but did indulge in a stromboli like pepperoni roll and 2 chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Most indulgent. Sitting during a 3 hour auction. Tough to resist for 3 hours.
4- Bonfire. Chewed gum at the buffet until almost everyone had eaten or started seconds. Took a bowl of chili but only 1/2. Then filled it with salad-y things after I ate the chili. Never got a plate. Also drank flavored water with a splash of red wine. Most successful strategy.

Still working on the kettlebell  challenge. Down 5 of the 15.  Saturday dinner party will be my next hurdle.  Same as 2 years ago on a Feb and was the beginning of a long tall climb.  Gotta work hard on the strategies for Saturday.

5 Mile Training Run

Yesterday I did a nice training run for the Turkey Trot. I ran 5 Miles.

5K training run November

The weather was cool almost cold, so I wore a tech shirt with a zipped up sweatshirt. I used the course map from the website. I haven’t signed up for the Frosty5 yet, but I did it last year with a 12:30 time and I’d love to beat it. I know I can if the weather is right.

  • First mile was uphill but I was feeling good. Didn’t take as long to get past the early “yuck” feeling for a run.
  • At the beginning of the second mile, passed a turn and had to double back. Maybe .1 more but not really. Ran along one of my favorites streets in town.
  • Took a drink of water at end of mile 2. Ran with a bottle and a map in my hand. It was cold enough to work well.
  • Not much waiting at the traffic light to cross. Mile 3 was a lot of concrete roads. I was feeling it in my big toes pushing off.
  • Mile 4 was along my regular training route Rave/Hay and the lake loops. Very familiar territory.
  • The last mile came up fast and my MapMyRun app announced I was done before I even had a chance to do the “sprint”. Maybe that’s why the .28 of the final was my best time. ha ha.

All together 5 miles at 12:51. Slow and steady.

splits 11 7 15

Training for the Turkey Trot – 5 Miles

I did a training run yesterday in 75 degree weather. Beautiful! I can’t believe we have summer weather in November. Great time to get a few miles in. I ran with a friend who is much faster than me, so the first mile was at my racing speed. Luckily we slowed way down/walked for the miles 2 and 3. Finished 3.2 at a 13:50 ish per mile 44 minutes.

That’s good that I got out there. Good that I did the miles. And good that I’m (slowly) losing some of that kettlebell I talked about.

The Turkey trot is on Saturday the 14th so only about 10 days away. I want to get 5 more runs in before that so I’m feeling my oats and READY. Not sure but I imagine some will be treadmill indoor runs!

Besides running, I want to put the focus on nutrition so I can actually achieve the kettle bell goal.

15 by 15

It’s official. I can’t pretend any more.

I’ve gained. And I have to (strike that) need to/want to go back on the Losing mode

15 by 12 15

I want to lose 15 pounds by Dec 15.

Today is Oct 25, So that’s 7 1/2 weeks. 2 pounds a week. Which is the WeightWatcher high realistic weekly goal. Tracking it here!

I was never able to do that when I was on WeightWatchers… but then again, I was on it for 5 years going to meetings faithfully and paying my $40 per month religiously. 60 x 40 wow 2400 bucks. I’m going to invest that in massages this time!

But I’ve decided I’m going to use the tools that I’ve gained (gathered!):
– Summer Sizzle and 28 day challenge
– tracking apps My Fitness Pal and map my run/strava
my secret tips that aren’t so secret!
– visualizing my progress
– working out and training for 2 (maybe 3) upcoming races
reviewing and reciting all the stuff my ww leader said to us

PLAN – each week. each day. exercise. food. rewards. strategies to not fall off @potlucks or @parties.
DO IT – Set out my clothes. Set the alarm. Get up and go. Show up and let the instructor do the rest.
TRACK – food, exercise, progress. If I track food in and calories expended, I’ll wake up and wonder how good the scale is looking today.

Already set up my booklet with a page a day.
First week in there with 2 pounds goal by Nov 1. I’m actually hoping to bank a little more than that because I know it’s easier at the beginning and harder the closer you get to the goal. Plus I’m running a halloween 5k on Saturday and i’d love to be carrying around less than my extra Red Kettlebell.

5K on Oct 17 – Love Your Butt

Race Recap:
So I ran a 5K in freezing weather. Pretty decent time of 12:12 pace.
Best of all, it forced me into signing up for a colonoscopy. This was the first annual Chris4life Scope it out run. If it stays on this week, I’ll plan to do it again next year. Good way to keep on running.

While we were waiting around for the results, I was freezing! The trouble was I, as usual, sweated a lot during the run. So being wet in cold weather is tough. It even started snowing!
chris4life scope it out

Akron Relay – in the Books! 11:57 pace

Akron marathon relayDoing the relay on Saturday was more fun than I even had anticipated. The nervousness of hoping not to let down the team and trying to find each other added to the emotion of the day.

I woke up about 2 am and couldn’t get back into a deep sleep, so just twilight until about 4:30 am and then got up. By the time my alarm went off, I had already had a shower, was dressed and had breakfast (spinach in coconut oil/egg beaters and pumpernickel toast.) I figured I wasn’t going to be running for another 3 hours so get something in my stomach. Turned out to be a good move.

It was still dark when I parked the car and wandered around looking for our first runner. Not even 6 am yet!

When there are 13,000 runners in a race, it is hard to find people! Even if you know their color shirt and approximately where they will be.

I watched them start and then walked to the next block where the switch would happen. Nerve racking waiting and wondering. I ate my banana and a little bit of peanut butter about 20 minutes before I was to run.

Took off about 8:18 and went like a shot, immediately. So glad I was wearing my heart monitor! It got me to slow down to a reasonable pace and then hold it around 150-156 right away.

I ran like that about the whole time. Except the hills. But I’d try to keep those around 156-165 or I’d get too tired. I wanted to save some to kick it up that last hill at the very end.

There were 3 water stations, but I only sipped water twice and just a taste of power aid. At mile 10 (my mile 4) I ate the sugar stingers so I wouldn’t run out of energy before the end. And that last mile or two I really cooked. Wish I had done my map my run so I could see it. At the top of the hill when I switched runners I glanced at the heart rate monitor 176. Weee OHHH. That’s ready to faint for me these days.

My heart rate quickly dropped and I did some stretching and drank a water. Pigeon and standing cross leg body fold. The wind kicked up (I never felt wind when I was running, but the temperatures were about 60 and cloudy – perfect.) I got cold after I finished. My friend had a hat she lent to me.

5.7 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes! I did an 11:57 pace! WOW!! that’s so awesome for me.

Our team came in at 4:57 for the marathon and I had predicted 5:24.

Hot Race Yesterday

Yesterday was a fun run with my friend. It was a race actually so we met at the beginning and chatted, but when the flag dropped, it was serious! :-) I ran intervals, fast for a minute then slow.  I didn’t want to be obnoxious and use my timer with it going off and talking to me during the race, so I used my heart monitor.  There were times I let it get up to 172… but mostly ran with the peaks being around 165 or 162… and the lows in the 150’s.

With the heat and humidity, even at 9 am, that was a lot. The humidity wiped me out and overwhelmed the endorphins after the race. I started out faster than usually, caught up in the “heat of the moment” but got into a rhythm about the second mile. The last half mile I pushed it as much as possible… finishing the race at 175 beats per minute. (which is high for me!) Belive me, today is going to be a real rest day!

I would like to say it was a PR. Unfortunately my Map my Run report gave better numbers. I thought I did PR, but finished with a 12:16 average. Mapmyrun said 11:09 and gave 3.47 as the distance. Very odd. So weirdly, I was disappointed. Mostly because now I don’t trust my mapmyrun numbers that I’ve been looking at. Silly I know, but a head game just the same. I should be thrilled with 12:16 in that heat. Looking back at my training times, it’s crazy how much the heat will sap your time. I’m not sure what the temperature was during the race, but at 2:30 when I was driving my car, the care thermometer said 94 and the low was 66. I may have been 73 or 4 when we raced.

I was thinking about my PR of 11:30 last December (very cold!). I should put my grateful hat on and be thinking about I’m running again and this was the first race of 2015! Without piriformis pain!
Race to the Taste Certifica 2015

Training for the Relay

Yesterday was a successful day. I’m feeling my oats and very quietly extremely satisfied with my progress. (Canary smile.) Working the plan. I ran the 6 miles!

ran the route 6 milesSlow, yes I know. That was the plan. Plus I want to finish… not just try. The day I do it, 3 weeks from now, will be much faster. I’m shooting for a 11:30. Interval training from now until then will get me there.  The point yesterday was to do it, check the hills and look  around the landmarks so I’m not doing it for the first time.

I signed up for another race, tomorrow. a 3.1 5K. Last Tuesday I ran 4.5 at 11:50.  So I’m thinking I’ll shoot for the 5k tomorrow @ 11:30 a minute. I did the 11:50 with intervals for one minute run like hell and two minutes walk to catch my breath. I did the Christmas Story House run at 11:30, but it was cold… not humid like now.  I might put the tabita on vibrate because I don’t want everyone to hear my numbers etc. or maybe just guestimate the run/walk cycles.  The 2 minute walk was too slow.

I don’t want to mess up the timer on the walk my mile which I did for about .4 of mile when I was trying it on Tuesday. It autopaused the walk my mile app when I turned on the other app to change something. Plenty of time to play with my phone.

Meanwhile, my weight is still high at 157.2.  But I haven’t been watching the food portions, just being careful the type of food.  My body feels like I’m retaining water with the heat and humidity. It was over 90 degrees yesterday.

10K Training for the Akron Marathon Team Relay

august trainingSo the past 3 weeks have been about running. Whoo hoo. I think I’m going to be okay if I don’t push it too far and too fast too soon!

Yesterday was a day I pushed myself, running 3.1, walking .67 and then running 2.2 the rest of the way.  5.3 running.  I walked because I really needed some water. It was hot and I didn’t have any. Stopped at a coffee shop and got some. Averaged out I ran at a 12:55. I was pooped the rest of the day.

I have been keeping track of my training and am right on target, maybe even a little ahead.

I definitely do better if I run early in the day before it is hot. I have an easy week this week with two 3 mile runs and a 5 mile. Then next week is one of the toughest with three 5 mile runs. My plan was to train slower than I am.

Considering buying new shoes now to break in before the race. The ones I have are good… but with just the training I will put 60 more miles on them (easily) in the next month and want to make sure that they hold up. I used to use shoes until they were really worn out, but because of my injuries that I partly blame on over use on my shoes, I think I’m going to release them from duty before they are worn out.