Refocusing. Adjusting the Carbs, Fats and Proteins

I keep reading and reading about healthy diet and nutrition. I’m still trying to figure out the truth. I’m wondering if I’m still trying for too low a fat profile.

Is this true?

The studies keep piling up indicating that carbohydrate intake is the major variable in determining body composition and that excess glucose from carbohydrate intake (especially from processed grains and sugars) is the primary culprit in obesity and in many disease processes. It follows logically that if you can limit carb intake to a range of which is absolutely necessary (and even up to 50 grams a day over) and make the difference up with tasty fats and protein, you can literally reprogram your genes back to the evolutionary-based factory setting you had at birth – the setting that offered you the opportunity to start life as a truly efficient fat-burning organism and to continue to do so for the rest of your life as long as you send the right signals to your genes.

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So 100 grams of carbs? how may grams of “healthy fats” and how much protein for 1200 calories a day. I should know this!

Getting into the MO

Motivation. Momentum. Getting and keeping the Moment.

I find it so easy to let it slip awaaaay. Feeling like I’m hungry right now and just have to eat something off plan. Or worse. Fighting that feeling like I don’t feel like making a plan. Or if I have the plan… I don’t feel like following it! I just want to be fit and strong and healthy. But not think about it.

How to STAY MOTIVATED… this from one of the blogs I read each morning to get me back into the place where it matters:

It is so much easier for me to wake up, drink a big glass of water, take my vitamins, do my yoga, and get my food set up for a healthy, clean, Paleo day, etc IF I did it the day before.

Every healthy action, every good day spurs another one.

I read somewhere… several times, so probably several somewheres, that the weight we wake up with is the result of what happened the day before. And that weight loss happens in the kitchen (not the gym). Going to the gym has become so much easier. But keeping focused on what happens in the kitchen is still very hard. And maybe it’s not really the kitchen. Maybe it’s the grocery store. Or specifically what goes into the grocery cart.

Yesterday, while I was doing some research for a project for work, I drove past a Wendy’s. And I thought to myself, I can’t remember the last time I went there. It was a long, long time ago. Like maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Since I started doing weight watchers, I don’t go to fast food. At all. Subway is the only one. and I don’t get sauce on my sandwich… The worst I do is banana peppers on a turkey sub. Or by a 12 inch (thinking I’ll eat the 2nd half for dinner and eat it 15 minutes after I wolfed down the 1st half.)

But it is so so so much better than I used to be. It’s like that person is gone.

I used to buy the 2 pound of shredded cheddar cheese from the grocery store each week. And it would be gone by the end of the week and I’d buy another one. And I think I was the only one eating it. And pizza was at least once a week. I’d buy 2 large pizzas… and eat almost a full large one myself. Now I know that a slice is 7 points. Yikes. Too much. I used to take my coffee with a lot of milk and sugar. I weaned myself off the sugar about 20 years ago. And the milk into 2%, low fat, Skim or nonfat to nothing. Just black coffee.

At the gym, started out at 1.5 miles an hour on the treadmill while I edited videos on my computer. Then walked the track at the gym. Then took a spinning class. And someone said to me, you should cross train. Don’t just spin. So I did yoga/pilates fusion. Then Yoga. Signing up for the boot camp class was a huge step! Now I’m a 5 day a week at the gym person.

Keeping the motivation is to keep taking baby steps forward. If anyone told me to give up pizza. Or fast food. Or my 2 lbs a week cheese. Or any of the millions of little things I did, I would say I couldn’t do it. But one baby step today. At a time. Yep, I can do it.

I’m working on meal planning now. For the past 4 days I’ve actually typed into MyFitnessPal my food diary in the morning before I ate anything. It made me plan lunch and dinner before I ate it. The 28 day detox made it easier because I got a new “list” of foods I’d either eat or say to myself, I don’t really like that, I’d rather have… X. But the point is, I made the decision earlier in the day, when I wasn’t hungry.

Deciding NOT under pressure. When I’m feeling like I have to eat. Right now (in the early morning) I could take it or leave it. Momentum is the tiny steps forward when it looks like you’re not even moving. And brushing off the step back as a momentary thing – focus on the forward momentum.

Committing to meal planning

Well, the 28 day detox ended well for me at 150.6… about 8 pounds down in 28 days. I’m thinking most of the difference is having meal plans with recipes instead of coming home hungry and read to eat (without a plan).

I hate to commit to a meal plan, but I’m not sure why. It’s kinda like laying out the next day’s clothes, it takes all the “creativity/spontainty” out of the day. But it’s weird, if I have fun plans for the next day, i love laying out my clothes and anticipating the next day. I usually layout my workout clothes. And i have about 8 work outfits that i can throw together in less than 1 minute and look “put together”.

So why do I resist the food?? Maybe I need to get a few staple recipes that I know the calorie counts and how to cook/prep and I’ll like it all better.

After reading a bit about it, I’m thinking I’ll figure out a weekly theme:

Mondays: Veggie Night
Tuesdays: Soup Night
Wednesday: Beef Night
Thursdays: Chicken Night
Fridays: Rice & Beans Night
Saturdays: Dinner on the Grill (summer) maybe in the blender in the winter?
Sunday: Crock Pot afternoon

Maintaining a Loss While Going Away for the Weekend

Just got back from a delightful weekend skiing in New York state. Stayed at a friend’s house on the lake and skied at two different resorts. Communal eating, eating lodge food, eating at a apres ski restaurant, drinking after skiing.

Got back and weighed in at 153.4. (Major victory) So how did I manage it?

1) brought fruit (berries) and made a fruit salad to add to the bacon and bagels for breakfast.
2) boiled a dozen eggs and brought those. Ate 2 with my mixed fruit breakfast.
3) brought 2 eggs for my lunch in my pocket
4) drank lots of water
5) only had a half of glass of wine, then a quarter, then a quarter… so while I sat around drinking wine all night with everyone, it really was only one complete glass
6) ate only veggies with the hummus. No pita chips, no cheese, no crackers
7) at the lodge made a salad with mixed greens, lots of veggies, no dressing.
8) out to dinner, ordered the salmon on a salad and had her HOLD the dinner roll. (I would have caved on the dinner roll for sure… dinner was at 9 and I was starving!)
10) Didn’t comment much when I was teased about the salad.”Chris, you skied all day, you don’t have to do the lettuce thing.) I just said, I didn’t realize everyone else was getting burgers. (btw, the salmon was small, expensive but very delicious)
11) had a small bag of raw almonds in my pocket to snack on. Could unobtrusively eat about 7 or so on the chair lift to keep my stomach from going crazy when I was feeling hungry.

One of the hardest things for me on a weekend with a bunch of people is the “group decision delay factor”. When I’m hungry, I get gotta eat right now. My messages from the stomach are insistent. If I don’t do something to hold them off, When I finally do get a chance to eat, I inhale and it’s usually bad. ie rolls the waitress brought or chips or other pre-meal foods that are high calorie but low or no nutrients.

Meanwhile, with 8 people discussing where to eat, when to meet, who is riding with who, added logistics…. the meals are delayed 1 to 2 hours. IE appetizers went on for 2-3 hours while someone drove in late from out of state, holding dinner. Dinner the next night was 4 hours after we left the slopes.

So for next time:
– definitely bring fruit (berries, green apples) and protein (eggs/nuts).
– Bring more bottled water.
– Continue to avoid the carbs like the plague.

Also knowing that I had a recorded weigh in to do on Monday morning was definitely making me toe the line.  So being in a program where I record my weight when I go away is crucial.

Chicken or the Egg?

Is losing weight about goals or actions?

I am sometimes feel that behavior change is more important than setting a goal. If you do things differently the results will change. And just starring at the result won’t make it happen.

For example: I want to be wealthy as a goal. So what? How about, I’m going to save 10% of my income every check.

Guess which one works?

For example, I want to lose 10 pounds.  So what?!  How about: I’m going to exercise 5 mornings a week and follow a paleo eating style for the next week.

For me it is about:

  • Buying the right foods – skipping by the stuff that is “trouble” the pastry, pizza, fries etc. Ordering a salad with lean meat and dressing on the side.
  • Cooking the right foods – adding in more vegetables, cutting back on carbs, drinking lots of water
  • Portion control – Cutting back on seconds
  • Moving more – taking the farthest spot in the parking lot or the stairs instead of the elevator.

Real Age

real ageOkay, so I was disappointed when I first saw this. But when I checked back, I almost doubled.  My calendar age now is 57.8 and my “real age” is 50.8  so I saved 7 years.

It didn’t really sink in that I was 57.8 (wow, almost 58!!)… maybe because they changed the way the graphic looks when you get to the end.

But when I checked back earlier in my blog when I did this test, I was 4.1 younger back in Sept of 2010.  So in the past 5 years, I’ve only “aged a year and 4 months.” Feels like a lot more!

And the first time I did this test, I think it was I was in my 40’s but it came out I was older than my age. No surprise that I didn’t make a photo of the results!!

So I really have been reversing this aging process. Or at least improving my odds.

28 Day Detox and Marathon Relay Sign Up

Two big things to talk about today:

I’m ending the first week of a 28-day detox meal plan. Must say the food is delicious, but I’m burning thru the calories. Many of the meals/soups remind me of the zero point soup recipe with quinoa and or chick peas added. Then add spaghetti squash and put back into the squash as a bowl.  Lots more spices than I usually add to things.

No bread. Few oils (olive/coconut.) Limited fruit. No dairy. No alcohol. And the biggie – that I’m cheating on – no caffeine. I must say, I’ve had a cup or 2 of coffee each day. It’s affecting my work, I’m thinking of upping it to 3 cups a day.

This morning 153.8. So that’s a good thing. Headed in the right direction. When I weighed in at the gym, the numbers were flipped: 158.3.  I didn’t really lose 5 pounds, part is morning vs night weight. Other part is clothes vs naked. But still when I weigh in Monday morning, it’s bound to be a loss. Glad that something is working to make me accountable. Plus about 7 of my friends from the gym are doing it so we can commiserate.

I signed up to do the Akron Marathon Relay with some other friends.  Each leg is under 6 miles. And it looks like some of the worst hills were eliminated from the course. It’s September 26 so I’m going to do a 10K training for it. Woot! Something to look forward to and train for.

Minestrone soup in 3 easy steps.

New favorite recipe. Minestrone soup in 3 easy steps.

  1.  Cook Veggies: celery, carrots, onions, bell peppers. Cut up, saute in stock pot a few minutes. Then add water. Cook for about 15 minutes while you prepare the next part.
  2.  Prep others: Cook quinoa separately 15 minutes. Cut stems out of kale. Open can of chick peas. Maybe brown some lean meat (chicken or grass fed beef).
  3.  Add: quinoa, kale, chick peas. Maybe meat. Simmer for 20.

When I’m not detoxing, I’m going to add back in parm cheese sprinkled on the top. or Mozzarella cheese. I do miss that.

Finish 2014 and Start 2015

Yesterday was the last exercise day of the year 12/30  with TRX fusion with Kettlebells and bootcamp type body weight exercises. Weight 154.8 –

We did 3 rounds of circuits (kettlebell/bootcamp/TRX suspension): I think of 18 minutes (could that be?!?) with 45 seconds or 1 minute in between.

Full  group one or 2 minutes of stuff maybe 3 minute warm up – run the track, high knees, jumping jacks, butt kicks, repeat the high knees, jumping jacks, butt kicks.

1) 60 seconds of something and 2-3  exercises.

2) two exercises for one minute split: 50/10, 40/20, 30/30, 20/40 and 10/50.

3) one minute each of two exercises until the 5 minutes were up.

Go around twice at each of the 3 stations and then get a water break. I’m sweating/dripping after the first station.

I was using the purple kettlebell (20) and could easily swing for 1 minute. Squat press with green kettlebell (15) for one minute.  Single arm clean and press with green kettle bell was still very hard with the left but a cinch with the right arm. I really like and am comfortable with kettlebell.  The Extending behind the head is hard for me (triceps) but the squat with bicep curl is easy. I even used the 25 pound pumpkin colored ball for swinging a few times.  It’s crazy to me how far I’ve come in 1 year with Kettlebells. Okay, one year and 4 months (sept 2013 until now)

The boot camp stuff was all body weight exercises… but the hard ones! Half burpees, pushups with spiderman legs, jump tucks, side to side burpee legs, triceps pushups = all of these were very challenging to me, I feel like I regressed in the bootcamp area.  Burpees even seem hard to me now.  Jump tucks for one minute (UGH) Not sure why. My joints seem stiffer. I haven’t been wearing a heart monitor but I’m curious if my heart rate is higher or I’m becoming less tolerant of working out at 155 bpm for 6 minutes at a time. Or maybe it’s the 5 or 6 minutes, The instructor was with our group this time and it’s always harder when he’s in our small group. No doggin it.  But even at my max, I feel like I only did about half the stuff he asked us to do. So either I have to get stronger or accept that I’ve maxed out for my age, weight and mental focus.

Oh yeah and the plank circuit: push-up then twist to a T with one arm in the air for a second, then another push up and twist with the other arm in the air. (I like that one because I have a pretty strong core now.)  But then the tricept pushup, and after one minute, hold a low push up (I couldn’t! so I held a high plank), then low plank, crucifix plank. The arms were gone! UGH.

TRX – wow. biggest improvements here, but I still feel like a poser.  I can do the squat/row easy. Even with my feet near the center. I think because I’m flexible. The suspended legs with slow mountain climbers are hard, but doable. Then comes the dreaded pushup-pikes.  I do 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 if I’m feeling strong before going on my knees on the matt.  I managed to get 4 rounds of 4 or 16 of those yesterday in one minute.  The pushups were crappy form, bearly breaking my elbows and certainly not chest to floor! but the pikes were okay.

Overall a HUGE improvement over September.  I wonder if I can continue improving on TRX what I’ll say next Dec 31st.  Will it be as big of an improvement like Kettlebells??? I can do the one legged pistol pretty well, the arms press well, the arm curl (okay)… but its the stuff on the mat that is a killer. With the legs suspended out behind.

Funny – the alarm just went off. I had had it set for a week ago (Christmas Eve) where I ran the 5 mile Frosty.  Maybe I should run 5 miles today!? And that becomes my Weds workout. I smile to myslef, because I’m fighting a cold and I am still thinking of working out. It’s amazing to me that I love exercise now. Simply amazing.

Yesterday when I came home from working out, I did some work, but crashed and slept for 2 hours in late morning.  Then asleep by 5 pm until 7:30 when family got home. (After a very sad funeral) Then slept 9 to 6 am.  Fighting a cold. Husband was sick w bad cough for 11 days straight. I’m not coughing but have pressure when my head is lower than my hips. Sneezing.  Hopefully I fend it off.

Pretty amazing to me that I ran a 5K (3.1) on Dec 6 and a 5 mile on Dec 24 and here I am talking about doing 5 miles every Weds?! that’s an improvement. Still struggling to keep my Achilles tendons loose by rolling my calfs.

This morning Dec 31 woke up to 156.8. Probably the pretzels and peanut butter before the funeral. Dinner was canned tuna in water over 3 cups sauteed veggies in a TBSP of Olive Oil. Probably lots of salt. Had 3 eggs for breakfast and 4 pieces of toast.

My goal for 2015, to end the year more fit than I started.

  • So for running that means better than 5 miles at 12:36.
  • For Kettlebell, swinging a minute with the pumpkin colored – easily and clean and press one arm each with the blue (18 pound)
  • For TRX better form pushup/pikes and more than 16 in a minute.
  • For weight: to be at 149.

End of 2014

Getting ready for my 5 mile race.  Longest ever.  I’ve practiced. I’m ready. The weather is perfect – Even for a Christmas Eve day! Cloudy 48 degrees… and it will be 50 degrees when the race starts.

May 2007:

May 2007

And Nov 2014:


Feeling strong after the Frosty 5 12/24/2014 with a 12:36 per mile average pace 1:03!

Chris and Jill finished strong