Low Fat versus Low Carb. Results About the Same.

A two year study about the different dieting styles… low fat versus low carb found that there isn’t really much difference between the two, although it looked like low carb was slightly better for the heart. More of the good cholesterol grew with the group that did low carb diet.

I know that by following a low fat diet, I have trouble getting enough protein. I also know that doing a low carb diet only lasts so long with me and then I absolutely crave bread and noodles. So for me, doing something that I can maintain for the long, long term is more important.

Businessweek reports that “The results were similar, no matter which diet they were on.” The big news isn’t that shocking however: losing the weight isn’t as difficult as keeping it off.!

Howard Sesso, assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, said this suggests the kind of diet that a person adopts may be less important than his or her ability to stick to it.

That is the focus of this blog. How to KEEP motivated to keeping the weight off.

Do you mix it up?
Combine your dieting with exercise?
Have favorite meals that you reward yourselft with?

I have favorite breakfasts: eggbeaters with a ww bagel. Pam in the skillet. No fat Kraft cheese and Promise margerine.


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