More Diet Motivation: New Obesity Stats Released from Center of Disease Control

Here’s another good reason to focus on having a healthy diet and staying motivated.

It seems like the rest of the country has done the same thing that I’ve done… gained weight from sitting behind a computer so much!

The latest national statistics on obesity just released from the Center of Disease Control show America is growing more obese.  All but one state has a 20% or more obese population and 9 of the states have a population that is more than 30% obese.

This  map of how America has grown more obese each year since 1985 is a frightening trend.  In just 25 years, we’ve really put on the pounds. Can anyone say a pound a year? Or two pounds a year?

What does it mean to be obese?  How fat is considered obesity? It is defined by having a BMI Body Mass Index of more than 30 points.  Normal is defined as 20 to 25.  Anyone who is 25 to 30 is just overweight.

Here is a handy obesity chart to see where you fair.

Some of the Medical Complications associated with obesity are  diseases like

  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • gallstones
  • gout
  • sleep apnea and snoring
  • heart disease
  • stroke

I find this motivating from a fear standpoint.


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