Group Hug – Gaining Motivation from Fighting the Fat Together

I am drawn to the group sites:

There is something about seeing other people’s blogs and sharing tips and stories that helps motivate me to stick to a healthy diet.

Today I just joined the 30 day challenge on the ‘hood.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Even though I’ve been at this (weight watching) for a while, I still am very much just putting a baby toe in the water to figure out how much I really want to share.  Like the photos.  Not sure about them yet.  Or the numbers.  Not really comfortable with that yet.

But I love when other people have the courage to share because it gives me the motivation I’m seeking.  Craving actually.  So I join the group and try to find a comfortable way to participate.

Maybe it’s the UN comfortable part that makes it motivating?


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