What is the GOAL? Surprise! It’s NOT to Lose Weight!

I subscribe to a website called FLYLady.net that offers suggestions and motivation for keeping a household running – from a cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, maintenance point of view.

Today I got an email from another “FLYbaby” (which is what they call the members who are still learning — which is basically everyone.)
It hit me HARD because that’s what I’m trying to do here too:

I just had an ah-ha moment! As I sit in my messy kitchen thinking I’ve lost all the progress I ever made I realized…a clean kitchen isn’t the goal…the end all goal is to have the ROUTINE in place that KEEPS the kitchen clean…NOT the clean kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, a clean kitchen is a wonderful, amazing and (for me!) momentary thing! BUT, the routine of KEEPING the kitchen clean is what will ultimately bring joy/peace instead of despair.

And that is the whole point of healthy diet motivation. It’s not to lose the weight. It’s to keep the motivation to have a program, a plan for eating that will keep me healthy.

Yesterday I had my cholesterol checked. And it was higher than I had expected, even with doing my program. So I am renewing my efforts. The scale is just one number. But my cholesterol is THE number I’m really motivated by. Blood pressure hasn’t ever been a problem for me.

The problem for me is staying motivated. Losing weight isn’t enough.
I have GOT to have healthy diet motivation.


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