Staying on Track. Keeping the Healthy Diet Mindset.

This past weekend was HOT, really hot! I took my dog for a walk, but should have brought water for him. About a mile before we got home, he just wanted to lay down in the shade and call it quits. It must have been in the upper 80’s/ low 90’s. Next time: water bottles!

My New Favorite Summer Meal:
I’m loving those beefstake tomatoes (0 pts) fresh from the garden. Paired with a Boca veggie burger (1 pt) on an Arnold bun (1) with a little dijon mustard. Wow! An ear of corn (1 pt) baked in it’s husk (not butter, lite salt) and some roasted squash (0 pt) sprinked with a spray of olive oil (.5) and just a touch of salt. Wow. Then a cup of raspberries (70 cals, 1 fat gram, 9 fiber = .7 pts) to finish for dessert. What a meal for 4.2 points!

A friend of mine told me that a cup of raspberries has 9 grams of fiber and I found that hard to believe, but it is! Because of the way that the ww plan works, you only get credit for 4 fiber points, so if I only eat 1/2 a cup of raspberries, it’s 0.01 points. (I’d call that zero…) Wonder how long you have to wait in between servings to call it a different meal?

I don’t miss the butter on the corn, surprisingly. It’s really so sweet this time of year.

Lots of walking helps my motivation. And yummy seasonal healthy food keeps me not feeling deprived in anyway.

This is working. And the blogging is helping me focus on what’s working. Go me!


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