Walking is Helping. A Lot.

Taking a nice long walk is helping me stay on track. One, it gets me away from the refridgerator when I feel the strongest urge to snack (after work). Two, it is burning up calories. Three, it gives me time to think about what is really important to me and reprioritize.

Several years ago when my second child was born, we moved to the same town where my job was. Shorter commute means less wasted time. But one thing I didn’t consider. It got rid of my “daydreaming” time.

Walking helps with my “daydreaming” time…

Keeping the weight off is more important than actually losing the weight. I don’t think I get as much recognition for it, and it feels like “just this once” or “oh it’s a special occasion” happens all the time, so I’m trying to learn to balance it. Exercise (in my case walking) helps to provide a negative influence on any extra calories.


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