Miles Walked (even Slowly) Add Up

I think if the miles add up, the pounds will subtract.

I mean it’s only simple math, right?

It was an interesting walk yesterday.

Saw lots of deer. These 2 were the bravest. Did the full 7 plus miles. My shoulders are sore today… need to help my dog learn to walk better on the leash!

I was about as tired with 7 miles yesterday as I was with 4 miles a few weeks ago. Making progress!!

Tonight after work I’m going to give it another go.

When I got back, I made some zero point soup. Water. Plus tomatos, cabbage, squash, yellow peppers, red peppers, onion, carrots. Chop vegetables. Cook in big pot.

Okay, well maybe the carrots have a point, but when you divide it all through I think it’s 0.1 points for a big bowl. Filling. Next time I’m going to add some chicken stock to give the broth more flavor. I have so many veges in here, it’s almost a vegetable stew!

I added a little sprinkle of Parm cheese to the top and had this with a Boca burger on an Arnold round for a light dinner last night. Yummy!


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