Walking after Work doesn’t Work for me

I like the idea of walking after work, but it doesn’t work.

  • Cars driving too fast
  • Too many cars
  • Bad chi because of all the cars
  • Silly teenage drivers (yelling things from cars)
  • Creepers Commuters driving home from work
  • Only got a mile.2 in last night and felt irritated
  • Can’t listen to iPod because of the traffic

It’s just it takes a good mile of street walking to get to the sidewalk areas or trails.  Just not going to work at this time frame.

I like the idea of going to the park.  But my dog is a shedder and I don’t want dog hair in the car.

The morning isn’t bad, but after work, not good.

Maybe tonight I’ll try after dinner. The commutes will be done and things may be calmer. Better chi.

Did figure out how to keep my shoulders from hurting… wrap the leash behind me… my little Lucky mush dog almost pulls me along. I walk faster, he starts to run. I start to run, he starts to bolt. That’s not gonna work either!

Weekly rolling average so far (4.2 + 6.12 +  7.34 +1.2)  18.86 miles


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