Checking in with my motivation meter

My filling low point breakfast is egg whites and Arnold rounds
It’s been a pretty good week healthy diet and exercise wise… a bit light on the exercise but I’m doing okay:

Walking: Saturday 2.4 + Wednesday 1.8 miles = 4.2 for the week (no where near the 26K marathon week I was shooting for last week! But still, I was moving more than I used to!)

Eating: Stayed on points most days. Low on Saturday in preparation for Sunday. On Sunday I went to a bridal shower. Delicious buffet of food with steak, chicken and pork… rice, vegetables and lots of desserts. I ate the dinner plus had 2 pieces of backlava, a sweet frozen drink and some candy. I don’t even KNOW the points for those, and I’m afraid to look them up!

But, the scale is still being good to me and I’m not worried about the weekly weighing in tonight at 5:30. Maybe the walking is changing my metabolism?

The next day, Monday, I ate light: egg whites and Arnold for a one point breakfast. Zero soup, fiber bar, melba toast for lunch. Boca burger with onions and portabello mushrooms sauted in olive oil for dinner. Lite yogert and frozen rasberries for dessert. YUM.

My motivation meter is 8/10. The light yogert mixed with frozen red raspberries slighted melted tasted almost as good to me as the baklava.


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