Shrinkivor, No! Shrink-survivor… no! Shrinking Pants Shrinkvivor!

What ever it is called, I am now a member of the Beige team and trying to figure out how to participate on the Shinking Pants Sisterhood site. 

I even put up a Twitter account.  @HealthyDietMO is my twitter handle.  I entered my weight this morning. 

So.  Now. How to I stay on the Island?  I think I need to work out tonight.  But here it is the middle of the afternoon and I’m ready for another snack.  Yikes!
Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to check out all the posts by my fellow Beige Beauties.  Wish me luck in knocking off some serious pounds during the Shrinkvivor challenge.


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