Week One of Shinkvivor Down…

This challenge runs until October 29th, but two teams are eliminated each week. There are lots of zigs and zags to the rules, but all I know is I’m thinking about it to keep me motivated and hopefully motivate the other 7 women on my team.

Funny, last night at my weight watchers meeting, the topic was “asking for help” and not trying to do it all alone. The in person group is motivating, but I like have my Shrinkvivor Beige Beauties as weight loss buddies too to help motivate me to stay healthy with both the eating diet and the exercise.

I took my dog Lucky on the 2nd Couch to 5K walk yesterday, but I think I do better on this program without him. The pulling is distracting. Either I have to figure out how to train him better (it’s probably me that needs the training) or maybe I do two walks… one with and one without the dog. It’s hard to get into the “zone” when he is distracting me.

But then, he also motivates me to go for a walk, with that cute little face, sniffing over at the leash and looking up at me. He couldn’t be more clear about what he wants if he actually could talk!

Commitment: this week I’m going to use the food scale to weigh my dinner before I eat it. Portion awareness.


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