Survived the first Shrinkvivor Tribal Council

Well, I survived the first Shrinkvivor Tribal Council yesterday.  Here’s the beige team as of yesterday still in the challenge. 

Chris B.
Jeannette B.
Kristin S.
Liz J
Mandy S.
Tracie P.
Christie D

Wonder if everyone watched the whole video thru like I did dreading if their name would be called?

But I loved the production of the video. Especially the guard dancing toward the end of the video when they were getting bored. And the frying pans extinguishing the torches was really clever too!

All of the sudden (around the 5 minute mark) I DON’T LIKE THIS GAME ANYMORE!

Jennifer Z. got booted off the Beige team and sent to Exile Island. That doesn’t feel very motivating to me? How’s Jennifer feeling right now? How’s everyone else on the team feeling. I don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling sad. Especially when the winning team for miles AVERAGED 19 miles per person. (My miles was under 5 for the team, I had a busy week at work.)

Well, I gonna check out twitter and the forums on Shrinkvivor and see how Jennifer is taking the exile. Then I’m using the “fear of rejection” motivator to strap on my shoes and do two miles before breakfast!


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