Treadmill Helped Me Keep My Exercise Motivation

It’s raining. A lot. Not just a little drizzle, spit-spot like yesterday.

Pouring. Like don’t-stand-near-the-gutter-spout WET!

So I got on my squeaky old treadmill and put the volume on my iPod up to high. And managed to work up a sweat and 30 minutes of exercise. Whew! Go me.

It helped me keep my motivation going for healthy lifestyle. Hmm… my exercise minutes week:

Wednesday = 0, Thursday = 30 minutes, Friday = 30 minutes, Saturday = 60 minutes total, Sunday = 0, Monday = 30 minutes, Tuesday (so far) = 30 minutes. TOTAL 3 hours!

Wow. Funny thing. If I exercise in the morning, I feel hungry but it also helps me keep my healthy diet motivation going because I don’t want to “blow it” since I already worked out for the day.

Maybe this is how the fit people stay fit and the fat people stay fat.

If you force yourself to exercise in the morning, you don’t feel like overeating? Why didn’t someone just say that?


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