Entering Week 3 of ShrinkVivor Challenges

Made it thru the second tribal council. This time I didn’t watch the whole video, just sped up to around the 5 minute mark and waited for my name. Luckily, made it thru another week.

This next week’s diet motivation challenge is EASY, but I’m concerned about the exercise challenge:

Non-Fitness: Eat 5 servings fruit/veggies a day. Keep drinking plenty of water and NO DRIVE-THRUS.

Fitness: Do a mile! Record your fastest mile on the weigh-in form on Wednesday. Keep trying until the Tuesday deadline! Running OR walking, as long as you are using your feet. Treadmills are okay. If someone doesn’t do the challenge, a 30:00 mile will be substituted in for them. All of the Tribe’s times will be added up and averaged for the Tribe Pace. The Tribe with the fastest pace will win immunity for next week’s tribal council!

I know I can beat the 30 minute mark… I think 16 minutes should be about my speed but maybe even get 15 minutes.

I did some 5K’s races with “good results” last fall. I had it all planned out to do more 5K’s in 2010, but then the weather got bad, I took skiing lessons (which was fun!) and then started the treadmill and walking program, but never got back into doing a 5K.

Maybe I was going to one morning, but it was cold windy and rainy, so I “blew it off” and didn’t get back into it. Maybe this week 3 challenge will be just what I need to start my running thing again.


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