Felling Good about Week 4, Week 156, and Week 2772

Feeling motivated because of the results I’m seeing.

I’ve been doing the ShrinkVivor for 4 weeks now… (or is it the beginning of the 4th week!?!)

Also started doing the online weight watchers this week 3 years ago…

And well, I guess I’ve been alive for quite a few weeks…

But, I’m excited today, because between the ww meetings and the encouragement from my beige team, trying to actually run a mile and doing time on the treadmill, I’ve broken thru a barrier into a weight zone that I haven’t seen for 10 years! Definitely time to relook at the wardrobe!

Gotta love last summers pedicure still peaking thru on my toes!

This new weight took my point level down a notch from 21 to 20 points… and I noticed that if I wanted to not lose, but just maintain, I just go to 24 points for maintaining. What I didn’t check was my goal weight and maintaining. I think I’ll save that little surprise until I get a bit closer!!

This week diet motivation:
– measuring portions
– planning dinner at breakfast
– packing a healthy low fat lunch

This week exercise motivation:
– commit to 30 minutes every day… even if it is 10 minutes at a time.


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