Why are Food Portion Sizes and BMI Sizes Distorted in My Mind?

It’s taken me 3 years to figure out the right size portion of a chicken breast. When I take one serving out of the fridge/freezer, it’s at least 8 to 10 ounces. But wow. My little WW guide says it’s supposed to be 3 or 4 ounces. My food portion guesses are/were all distorted. Heck, that’s just a flavoring. Like what I used to put into a meal when the pay check had to stretch further.

I wrote the first part, thinking about the chicken in the fridge and decided to shoot it on the scale. Wow. I thought that was 8 ounces, not 13 plus.

Yes, I used to figure one breast per person when I was making supper, putting 4 into the crock pot in the morning. But to look at this breast and say, there are 3 servings. I guess I’m still not there yet.

In my mind, a chicken breast each was the right serving. Now, it’s just about 1/2 or even a third! Only taken 3 years of thinking about it every day. Weighing using a scale. The food and me. I still am amazed.

But not just about the food portion size. The size of people are distorted to me too. Big, healthy portions of people look big and strong. Thin, wirey pictures look, well, thin and sickly and weak.

I think this “hang-up” of mine has to get re figured out before I can get over the next hurdle. Why does little = weak and big= strong in my mind?

How can I wrap my mind around fit=healthy and replace those 2 with HEALTHY!?!

Are BMI numbers right? I am having a tough time seeing and believing how thin people look before they are not considered overweight.

Maybe because the average size for a woman is a 14. But if you’re in the 25-22 range, your size is ___? I don’t know. But now I wear a 14 (down from a tight 18!) and even though I’ve lost 42 pounds, my BMI is still 29 or 28.

What about a couple of the weight loss blogs I’m reading, why do the guys look regular or even thin to me but still are considered overweight by the BMI?

Is BMI a Hoax? Are my eyes messed up… sort of the opposite of anarexia? The other day I had lunch with a good friend. She said, “You’ve lost weight. You look really good.” “Thanks I say, I’ve been working on it since Oct 07, but I still have a ways to go.” “Well, don’t lose too much!”

Is it because this is the smallest I’ve been in 10 years and that she’s ever seen me? Or is our version of people size as distorted as our version of food sizes and portion sizes?

How many MORE YEARS will it take until I can really judge the right number of ounces of chicken. Yeah. I know. A deck of cards. A tennis ball. A golf ball.

I know it, but I don’t know it. If you know what I mean!


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