Hanging On for Shrinkvivor Week 6

The challenge this week – for me – is to get back on the pony, so to speak. Last week I walked a ton on Sunday, but Tuesday was my anniversary and I woke up Wednesday with a gain.  So today, I expect to be sent to Exile Island.  It hasn’t been posted yet, but I think it’s just a matter of time.

So at 6 am, I’m sitting here with sneakers and walking clothes on ready to get on that treadmill for a full hour. 

Meanwhile, I think we’re on the last week of Shrinkvivor.  Today we merge into one tribe?

MERGE? What’s that? On Thursday, October 21st, all remaining members of the tribes (not Tribe Exile) will be merged into one tribe! On the following Wednesday (October 27th), you will weigh-in as usual, as well as vote off one of the remaining participants. There will also be a fitness challenge that week, and the winner of the fitness challenge will be the holder of Individual Immunity and can’t be voted off!

So weather I end up on the Exile Island or in the Merged Group, Thank you Tribe Beige for all the encouragement. It helped me to lose 5 pounds when I had been stuck at a plateau and that really makes me happy!!

So I’m gonna keep my healthy diet motivation of the Beige Shrinkvivor Sisterhood:

  • drink water
  • No  fast food
  • 5 fruits and vegetables
  • journaling my food
  • “exposed” myself and contimplate how great my body is instead of hate hate hating it.   (still working on this one)
  • transfat awareness (hydroginated oil to keep out the partially hydrogenated stuff)

miles and minutes for the exercise challenge


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