Finding my Non Triggering Treats

I follow a blog about maintaining.  I know, I know, I have a LONG way to go before I hit maintain mode, however, maintaining the healthy diet motivation is of MUCH more interest to me than losing the weight.

I’ve lost (and then regained) weight so many times, I know I can lose it.  It’s the regaining that troubles me.

This paragraph however really hit home for me from the Refusal to Regain blog:

The more experienced maintainers had long since made their peace with the elimination of sugars and starches.  They ate by consistent rules and had discovered certain non-triggering treats (NTTs) that worked for them. Their diets relied on large amounts of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like poultry, fish and low fat dairy and some nuts.   When their weight went up a bit, they eliminated their NTTs temporarily. 

My next few months are going to be an effort to find NonTriggerTreats. Something that I can have that tastes great to me, is a “safe” treat, in that I won’t woof down the entire thing the day I bring it home from the grocery store.

It’s a way for me to keep a healthy diet going. Funny how the word diet means, “to lose weight” in most people’s minds. I’m trying to redirect my mind to have the word get back it’s REAL meaning which is what I eat regularly. You know a “steady diet of”…

I want my steady diet to be lean meats, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and just a few non trigger treats. I want to be lean, strong and healthy.

I saw a photo of myself full body yesterday and was surprised that I still look heavy. Not fat exactly, but hefty. I don’t have many full body photos of myself and thought that halfway thru my losing, it would be a good time to post one.

It may help with the maintaining.
Halfway thru the day, I realized I never buttoned this jacket (even though it has cool Chinese type side buttons) because the jacket was too tight and wouldn’t button without bulging. I buttoned it without any buldging.

Body image is such a head game isn’t it? Sometimes I think I’m thin and other times I’m surprised how big I still am. Even in one day!?!
I had put on a pair of dress slacks that I normally wore with this outfit and they were literally two sizes too big. The sweater fit fine, but I wonder now how it had looked before.

I can’t change the past, I can only improve tomorrow by making good choices today!


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