In Maintaining Mode again

During Shrinkvivor I managed to go down a few pounds, but now I’m just trying to maintain. Less walking. Still eating reasonably, but not really motivated to lose weight lately.

Maybe because most of my clothes fit now. I mean I haven’t been this weight for 15 years, so i don’t have smaller sizes left in my closet. And it’s hard to think how I’ll look/be the next size down. My mind hasn’t wrapped around it yet.

I’m still making my soup for lunches. That’s a money saver, a calorie saver and healthy too. I find I like packing my lunch and knowing what I’m going to eat until dinner time. I’m still not planning suppers yet and I will work on that after lunch becomes a solid habit. Twice a week I’ve been starting dinner at breakfast with the crock pot and that works great.

I’m also thinking about strategies for T-day when I have 2 houses for holiday dinner/dessert and everyone makes their most delicious, most tempting, holiday, fattening, things. I’m going to try to make it about the people. Drink a lot of water. Focus on protein and bring some “clean” veges with only olive oil not butter. Skip the stuffing and mashed potatoes. Maybe I’ll bring my mashed cauliflower… or at least have it the day before! I won’t feel deprived of missing the mashed potatos that way. I don’t really like gravy so that’s not a thing.

Wonder how many calories a cup of stuffing is. At least the way the family makes stuffing?

Maybe I’ll make a green salad to bring too. It sure fills the plate with color and few points if I skip the salad dressings.


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