Motivating Myself to Stay on Track during Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanksgiving is just about a week away and my mind turns to all the foods of thanksgiving.

This year, I’m going to try to make it about being grateful and counting my blessings. And not all about the food.

One of the things I am most grateful for is that I’ve had the motivation to stick with my WeightWatchers program this whole year. I haven’t lost a lot and it hasn’t been fast by any means! In fact, about a year ago, I was only 10 pounds heavier.

That said, 10 pounds lighter is much better than 10 pounds heavier. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have stayed the same, I would have been slightly gaining as time went on, because that is my “normal”… I mean that WAS my “normal” way of living.

Here are my blessings to stay motivated with my healthy diet and exercise program:

#1 I’m so grateful this year to be 10 pounds lighter. If each pound is like 5 pounds on the knee, my knees are 50 pounds happier!

I actually caught myself bounding up the stairs the other day. Not pushing my thighs and trying to get my body upstairs. No, the opposite, almost taking the stairs 2 x 2 and running up them. Me?!? That seems out of character. My knees still click when I wake up and begin walking. But they don’t hurt. Yeah!!

#2 I’m very grateful that my knees don’t hurt.
#3 And my ankles don’t hurt.
#4 And especially, my achilles heel isn’t hurting.

And my clothes seem so big… except for my clothes from 1996 that I found in the cedar chest. And some new ones I bought recently. That’s number 5, I’m grateful for being a size smaller than last year.

Because I’ve been exercizing regularly, I have actually lost some age in the Real Age test since I took it a while back.

#6, I’m grateful to be healthier like a much younger person.
#7 I can actually zip up my leather jacket, the one with the hood to keep out the cold and the just right sized pockets. The one I’d rather wear over any other coat. The one I thought I was going to have to give away because I looked ridiciolous in it when it wasn’t zipped and the winter wind was blowing with temperatures in the mid-teens.

That’s one of the ways I’m going to stay motivated. Counting my blessings and making Thanksgiving about giving thanks for what I’m grateful for, instead of making Thanksgiving about eating a bunch of food.
Elaine, on Roni’s Weigh, sums it up nicely:

…we all know that motivation is that intangible, deep in your gut and soul, indescribable drive that keeps you going and going and going. It waxes and wanes and is affected by mood, stress, hormones, life events, and a slew of other things that can’t be explained.

I think the BEST way to think about motivation is to think about what personally motivates you. Take a moment to put that in to words, because one thing is proven – once you write down a dream, it becomes a goal. Goals have a way of becoming reality! So, take a moment to write down your motivations, whether it’s a quick checklist or a thought-out paragraph. I’d love it if you shared it in the comments and sent a message to the universe that you can reach any of your goals!

Elaine and Roni: Here are my thoughts about what’s motivating me… continuing to count my blessings and what I’m grateful for.


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