New WW Plan With PointsPlus

The “radical” change that weight watchers has introduced this week has all the weight watchers busy recalculating and looking at their eating plans with “fresh” eyes.

Yes. it is confusing and no, it’s not comfortable. But I am thinking it’s good to shake it up a little.

Hey, it’s not like I haven’t ever been on a new diet before. Even though this isn’t a “diet” it is a new lifestyle tweak, an eating change, a new plan, relooking at the calories (not even COUNTING CALORIES!) and really looking at the 4 components of calories: protein, fat, carbs and fiber.

Over at Roni’s Weigh blog, there are more negative comments about technology and making $ from a corporation than I expected. My leader said that they’ve been working on this for 4 years, testing it for 18 months and rolled it out to the employees since September. Making a huge sweeping change for any business that wipes out all the old product is a VERY EXPENSIVE undertaking.

I’m going to follow the new PointsPlus program because I know from a business perspective, it’s got to be good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have killed all their old product. Heck, they had to ship labels to all the grocery stores to have the post the new points on all the old smart ones packages in the freezer department. Do you have any idea just about that expense? And the amount of grumbling at the grocery store trying to get it executed correctly with the points?

I imagine if WW didn’t change their plan, someone else would have introduced a program that would be like the points plus and proven that it worked better than the core/flex/momentum program.

So instead of whining about how I don’t understand it, I copied the pages from the kick start guide, put them in a plastic sleeve and used an erasable marker to choose what to eat. I don’t know if this will work. Probably could have just put the original in the sleeve to circle, but somehow I think I’ll want to take the pages to the grocery store?

Maybe I will take pictures of my plates with PlusPoints listed on each photo and use it as my new grocery list next week?

I got all fired up from reading the comments at Roni’s blog and couldn’t help but leave one of my own:

Tuesday I was excited about hearing the changes, but when I went to my meeting, it was overwhelming. I ended up buying a calculator so I could figure points. And when I got home I tried using my e-tools, but everything had to be recalculated and some of my recipes were a mess. I got discouraged.

So then I just sat down and thought about it. What if I was just starting out with this? And didn’t know anything about points or WW or the core/flex/momentum plans?

So I did what the book said.

I ripped out the fold out page 87… looked at the 8 or 9 choices offered for a breakfast, lunch & dinner. They all list the PointsPlus. I went grocery shopping and bought more fruits.

Already had lots of zero point veges in my fridge. And now I’m going to slow down on those 1 point Arnold rounds that are 3 points+. And instead eat an apple for zero. Or an orange. Or a BANANA!! To me, going from 2 points to 0 points+ for a banana is the best move. A banana holds me for a good 3 hours in the afternoon when I get the 3 pm munchies!

One really good thing, changing all/many of the points values is really making me TRACK again and be accountable for what I’m eating. That alone is worth the change.

Plus, the fruit instead of prepackaged carbs. Another really great change.

Roni – I am going to keep reading what you write. And I love love love that you’re testing the new points plus calculator on your resources page. That was one of my first thoughts, I wonder how long until I can calculate on line. Please keep writing/podcasting what you think… it is very motivational!

I’m eager to see at weigh in time next Tuesday if the new plan moves the needle. I suspect so.


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