A Dozen Days into the New Year and Daily Mile Motivation

Goals, Goals, Goals

So, how am I doing?

Good, I think. 
Daily Mile totals: 19 miles, 7 hours.  Daily Mile Motivation
Very slow the last 2 months because almost 100% on the treadmill inside and I go slow because I am walking infront of the computer.  When I run, the monitor starts to sway and I don’t want it to crash.  Or worse, I trip and fall off the treadmill.  So I’m going to do my miles inside, slowly during the snowy months and ski on Thursdays (been out 3 times this year already!)

Plus I’m gonna run some races and I’ll be actually running (jogging) at my 14 minutes per mile pace instead of my walk of 20 plus minute miles. 

I just keep thinking of the hare and the turtle.  I’m the turtle.  I’m gonna keep at this exercise thing and weight loss thing and healthy eating thing.  I’m NOT going to run too much or push too hard and then quit.

When the spring comes, I’ll start having some more “Octobers!” (Thanks, Shrinkvivor challenge!)  In fact, since this is Jan 12th, I may be on track for miles with October!

So now, the power of 1 is keeping me going.

Start: 166.8
Today: 164.5
Results: -2.3


9 thoughts on “A Dozen Days into the New Year and Daily Mile Motivation

    • Yes, I was day dreaming about how great “dirt” smells in spring when everything starts growing again and all the snow is melted. I love to garden too, so this snow is making me use my imagination! Thanks for the encouragement.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being a turtle! I’m right there with you as I just started running again this week 🙂

    Congrats on your loss and awesome miles!

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