New Weight Watchers Point Plus Program is Working for Me

Had another great week!  And I think it’s because the new Points Plus program has me trying new recipes to switch it up.

Last Thursday when I went skiing two different friends brought cole slaw, someone else brought won ton soup and everything else on the table was filled with carbs — deep fried or just plain over the top not power foods etc.  I ate the two kinds of cole slaw and the won ton soup and just skied and skied!

So this weekend I tried to make my own cole slaw.  Started with WW recipe, then looked up Bobby Flay’s recipe and made my own variation of the two. This makes a GIANT bowl. At least 10 servings, but it is soooo good you can eat more than one serving and barely ding your PPs.

10 servings, 12 points plus… or 1.2 points+ per serving
Small head red cabbage
Medium head white cabbage
small bag of carrots
two stalks of celery
half of a large sweet onion
one apple (or two if you want!)

Slice well in the food processor.  Mince is good. Core and chop up an apple into tiny bits and stir into the mixture of cabbage/onions/carrots. So far, a lot of zero pointplus filling foods.

Make the sauce… this is the clever part!!

1 cup Low Fat Mayo (8 points plus)
1/2 cup Fat Free Sour Cream (4 points plus)
2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard
2 Tablespoons Horseradish
1/4 cup Splenda (maybe more to taste, but stir everything up first in sauce and taste)
1/8 teaspoon salt
shake or 3 of pepper

Stir the sauce really good to make sure that it is fully mixed up.  Taste.  It should be sweet but with a kick.  Add more sweet (Splenda) or more kick (horseradish) as needed.

The only two ingredients with any points+ are the Mayo and Sour Cream.

It’s a little tricky with the math because they use 1 and 2 tablespoons on the labels for the serving amount. Just using their serving amounts it is zero points, but multiplying for the amount it starts to register. So, in theory, you could call this zero point cole slaw, but take a look at how I calculated to see what you want to count it as.

Click on the image to see the ingredients to see how I calculated the points:
LF Mayo = Fat 1, Carbs 2, Fiber 0, Protein 0 for ONE tablespoon = zero. But if you multiple by 16 (16 tablespoons in a cup) and enter 16 fat and 36 carbs = 8 points plus.

FF Sour Cream = Fat 0, Carbs 5, Fiber 0, Protein 1 for TWO tablespoons (multiply by 8 because it is 1/2 a cup, so I entered 0,40,0,8 into the calculator and got = 4 points+)

It all depends if you eat several servings in one sitting or stretch it out over the week. Eating my coleslaw first or eating zero point soup first, either way, its what we used to call filling foods and now is more like power foods.

All I know is I’m whispering “YES!” at the bathroom scale. It’s working!!


8 thoughts on “New Weight Watchers Point Plus Program is Working for Me

  1. how exciting for you, congratulations!! i haven’t done ww since the new points program, how is it? what’s different? i loved ww so much so i am a huge fan of it, it totally works. and thanks for the cole slaw recipe!! i needed a good one! i am having cole slaw tonight and it’s with maries dressing — NOT GOOD. but now i have one for next time!

    • What’s different? Well, most people would say “fruit”, but I’d have to say after being on it for 6 weeks or so, is “less carbs”. I find I’m doing more with fruits, vegetables and proteins and less with carbs. Making a tuna salad sandwich but eating it out of my lunch container instead of bring a bun to spread it on at lunch. Eating my boca burger spread with a giant pile of sauted onions (in olive oil and water) with some dijon mustard and catsup and — you guessed it — sans bun. When those little Arnold rounds are 3 points and a banana is zero, it just doesn’t appeal to eat the round bun.
      Glad you like the coleslaw recipe!

  2. Your recipe sounds awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it, and explaining how you calculated it all out. Congratulations on having another great week 🙂


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