Spring has Arrived and I’m Feeling Motivated for Healthy Diet Habits!

I’ve actually been feeling very motivated the last few weeks and yesterday at the health center I was burning it up at the spinning class. By the time I got home 906 calories burned and the AVERAGE heart rate, according to my heart monitor, was 148. Before that, it was always around 131 or 133.

The difference? I ate an apple and a banana about 45 minutes before class started. That gave me so much energy! Amazing.

And this week I finally made my birthday goal weight, which was to be under 160 by my bday. This morning: 157.8. Spinning is what is making the difference.

Here’s my exercise chart for March:

Funny how exercise and healthy diet actually works. Why do I think it’s so amazing? But I do!!

Started eating more kale. In fact now that I’ve been adding a vegetable a week at the store, I can barely get out of the produce aisle. I’ve got to find a cheaper grocery store!

Those numbers on the chart? MILES! Spinning gives me an average of 15 or 16 each session.

Bought a bicycle 2 weeks ago so I’m feeling good about heading outside here soon too!
Tried running outside, only did about one mile and walked a mile back, but it’s a start.


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