More Exercising. More Success.

I’ve been doing my treadmill Facebooking/blogging/emailing. And that’s working great. Walking about 2.5 miles per hour most days for about an hour or more before work.

But I’ve added spinning 2 days a week to the equation and have found great success. Gets my heart rate up and breathing deep for at least 30 minutes of the hour class. I can “feel” this difference. My lungs seem stronger. Maybe my legs too.

The first 3 classes I kept wanting to quit. Then the next 3 classes were just so so. I guess it wasn’t until I realized a banana about an hour before the class, that I really got into the groove.

Read an interesting article about going from hating exercise, to liking it, to loving it. I am in the liking it phase.

Shout out to my friend Tracie who was on the “beige beauties” team with me last fall. She was featured in the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Sister Spotlight profile this week.



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