Sticking to It and Making Progress

my 26 week exercise chart

work it, work it, work it. CONSISTENCY is the KEY

I’ve really been sticking to it — meaning walking in the morning (each morning) and spinning on Wednesdays and Saturdays — and I’m seeing the results. The last few days the scale is in the high 150’s, which is awesome.

I am amazed that I’m actually in size 10 clothes and people are really starting to notice now that I’ve bought new clothes. The baggy old stuff was looking sloppy, but I can’t buy a whole new wardrobe overnight.


  • I wear 4 changes of clothes everyday:
  1. exercise clothes
  2. work clothes
  3. play/after work clothes
  4. PJ’s
  • I NEVER skip breakfast, because I’m starving for breakfast
  • Diet coke gives me a stomach ache
  • I am eating 4 to 5 fruits a day – an apple and a banana in afternoon. Frozen strawberries and blueberries at dinner.  Peaches /pineapples with no added sugar.  Sometimes a pear for morning snack
  • I love tuna for lunch.  Mixed with chopped peppers, celery, slicked watercress from a can, a little no fat mayo (or no fat) and a healthy splash of Mrs. Dash seasoning.  Sometimes have a WW Light progresso soup. 
  • Vegetables have become my best friend.  Two cauliflowers each week (mashed like potatoes), a baked spaghetti squash (two meals out of one squash), sauted big sweet onion in a little bit of olive oil, roasted asperagus with balsamic vinegar glaze. 
  • I drink flavored water. My favorite is the strawberry kiwi.  Gotta figure out another way about this because of all the plastic bottles.  This isn’t good for the environment and I haven’t figured out what to do.  But I’m getting lots of water.

Looking forward to FitBloggin’ in less than a month.  Lots of great sessions, the tough part is going to figure out which ones to attend!


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