Keeping On Keeping Up with Healthy Habits

The last 2 or 3 weeks normally would have put a big STOP into my healthy habits. Big Easter family dinner. Big birthday party for my mom with all my sisters and their families. Lots of food, food, food and sitting around talking.

PodCamp Cleveland with pizza and other carbs for lunch (I planned ahead and brought tuna, some veges, an apple and banana!)

Then travel to Chicago for work. Lots of sitting, talking, meetings, more meetings, awards banquets, carb filled buffets, lunches were you don’t order, they just serve you. Oh and the exercise front? Plans to walk the street 1/2 mile away to meeting, but high heels, concrete and carrying too many things like a laptop turned into taxis every time.

BUT, I did a mile in the gross exercise room in the hotel. I didn’t eat the chips or the crossants with the lunch. I bought apples, banana and orange (for $1.10 each!!) from the breakfast place just outside the door of the hotel.

All this and I managed to have a -0.4 loss at weight watchers this week!!!!


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