Wrap up of the past Month

It’s been a busy month! Between going to Chicago at the beginning of the month, then to Baltimore in the middle and birthday celebration/Memorial Day picnic’s at the end… I haven’t been sticking to my exercise routine in May. Take a look:

Miles of Exercise - including Spinning

I discovered a new taste thing I really like: sliced green grapes in my tuna salad. Now I’m chopping up peppers, celery, and green grapes to add to my can of drained tuna. Adding just a little no fat mayo or no fat sour cream to coat it. Ran out of arnold’s one day and found out that I like it just as well without the bread just in a little tupperware. The tuna is so much protein and no carbs, so very low 1 wwpp. This is the main part of my lunch with a banana, apple, pear and a can of Progresso soup 2 pp per serving (4 pps). Makes for a 5 point lunch. I try to space out the fruit so I eat lunch over a 4 hour span.

During fitbloggin’ I got a coupon/card for PopChips at Target, but its for a case and I’m afraid to buy that much at once because they’re really yummy and I don’t know how long I can make a case last.

Ate all the larabars. They are really good but 5 or 6 points each. Very healthy just fruit, dates etc packed together. Filling too. A bit gooey.

Been doing good about not gaining because I’ve been spinning strong. (157.4 today.) Averaging 700 to 800 calories per session. It’s been so hot the last week or so, its hard to keep the heart rate high for very long. I’m easily going thru two water bottles in an hour.

I’ve been buying smaller clothes. Size 8 jackets and size 12 or 10 pants. Size 12 is big, can you imagine! Even my slip on loafer type shoes are getting too big. Clothes that were too tight are now too loose. I wonder if I kept the pair of 18 pants that were too tight? Even though I’m only .4 less than I was 2 months ago, I know my clothes are looser, so I must be gaining muscle.

This weekend we’re planning to go to the warrior dash (I’m just watching!) but I think I’ll be inspired to get more fit following those festivities.


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