Exercise and Diet Questions Answered

Two questions answered today – one exercise, one diet

Q. What is my correct Target Heart Rate for exercising?
A. This the question I posed to my husband over the weekend. Much the encyclopedia, for the next 25 minutes he told me exactly how to calculate it. I guess part of it is trying to figure out how fit you are so far because like most things: it depends!

The short story is for me (at my current level of fitness and age 54) it should be 130 = go all day at this heart rate, great for an endurance run, easy to talk, sing and could keep going at this rate. Still in Fat burn stage. Very aerobic. The high side is 150 = cardio mode for 85% where I can keep this up for a while, but need to make sure my heart comes down quickly to recover again at 130 after 15 minutes (or whatever cardio length of time or so – another question!)

The max I have seen on my heart monitor is 174. The lowest when I’m sitting still is 50. For “easy numbers” we will use 175 as the top.   175-50=125. That’s my range.

There are lots of ways to calculate and charts to look at. (No wonder I was confused!) Here are a couple:

Using the Karvonen formula: Your maximum heart rate is: 166
Your maximum training heart rate is: 145
Your minimum training rate is: 124

More heart calculations:

more training numbers:
175 – 50 = 125 * .65 = 81.25 + 50 = 131.25 (low training number)
175 – 50 = 125 * .85 = 106.25 + 50 = 156.25 (high training number)

Q. How can I compare old ww points to the new ww pointsplus values?

A. Website calculator at ONE MORE POUND. Here’s a very helpful site with old and new in one calculator. Love it!
I like that I found out for sure that my everyday breakfast is only 5 pts or 7 points+.
One cup of egg beaters is 2 pts/3 pts+, 28gms of no fat cheese is 1 pt, arnold is 2pts+ or 3 pts+. So add them all up and breakfast is: 5 points or 7 pointsplus.

Because I LOVE my fruit and the new system, I’m sticking with the 7 points+ number. So why don’t I just add that 49 points to my week and I don’t have to count breakfast this week!


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