All this heart rate training and attention to ww points is actually working. Really. Today the scale read 152.4.

On Saturday morning I did an hour of spinning with an average of 143 for 56 minutes. Then in the afternoon towpath for an average of 113 for 1.5 hours. 1400 calories plus that day.

Yesterday no exercise, but lost a pound.
3 egg whites, one egg yoke:n 0+2=2
cheese – kraft no fat = 1
greek yogert = 4
necterine = 0
water = 35 oz
boca burger = 2
arnold sandwich bread = 3
apple = 0
banana = 0
wasa cracker = 2
nutella = 5
water = 35 oz
Points plus for the day = 19 (whoops!) Supposed to be 29.

Well. No wonder I lost weight Sunday.It was Father’s day and I drove out to see my Dad and Mom. Made roast beef, but didn’t want to make a big production of it, so just sliced it and left it in the refrigerator. Maybe smelling it made me think I’d already eaten it?


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