Lifestyle Change Means More than Eat Less and Workout More

As I get closer and closer to my goal weight, I’ve noticed that I fall back into old eating habits too easily. My mind is tricking my body into adopting old favorite foods, times of eating, blowing off a block of exercise, procrastinating planning the grocery shop/menu plan, mini binges at parties and get togethers.

I am reminded that I need to prepare for the maintain portion of this lifestyle change.

I think about what I’ve written on this blog during my journey of losing 50 plus pounds and keep focusing on what new tools, more powerful tools I’m going to need to keep it off.

Already at ww my friends coo and oh/ah about my loss, saying things like “you hit goal didn’t you” and “you look great, you don’t need to lose anymore”. It’s counter productive for me to admit “I still am considered overweight by the BMI scales” and I don’t even want to whisper, “Yep, only 17 more pounds to go!” because that’s just the minor tip of the Ice Burg!

Remember Oprah losing all that weight back in the late 80’s and bringing out a wagon full of something to represent all the fat she lost, while wearing a tight pair of size 10 pants? Here it is almost 25 years later and I remember that day like it was yesterday. And I’ve read and heard many times since that she feels that was the day that she hit her low weight and it only lasted for that day.

I’m scared it’s only going to last for a day or so and then start creeping up (or flying on). It’s a psychological thing – a mental state – so much more than a physical thing. I’m really trying to focus on how to stay strong, one day at a time after I hit goal.

I read this today on Refuse to Regain blog and the whole maintanence thing hit me right between the eyes in this post about Huckabee Eating His Words:

…there is rarely a discussion about weight loss that doesn’t include the words “change of lifestyle”. For me, this phrase is a red flag, a shorthand for nothing. Governor Huckabee’s words sound very reasonable because they restate the conventional wisdom. But conventional wisdom can often be just that: conventional. Few realize that it is crucial to delve into the details of “lifestyle change”. The assumption is that it means fewer calories and more exercise. But truly successful maintainers would tell you that a maintenance life is something quite different:

  • It is a well-reasoned, controlled existence that is structured around a healthy avoidance of specific trigger foods.
  • It involves a specifically designed and executed eating style
  • A reliance on supported environments
  • Specific and consistent exercise routines,
  • And the maintenance of extreme vigilance.

This is because modern food is addictive, and it takes several layers of planning to oppose it.

This needs to be tattooed on my fridge.

While printing it out and putting it on my fridge might remind me, it’s getting it into my head and heart so I stay in this place of healthy focus, keeping my motivation for a healthy diet. And healthy exercise.

The last 30 days have been very stressful with serious healthy issues of family, hospital visits, major car problems resulting in car purchase, and close family members making major moves. Exercise has helped me to stay focused. I’ve stayed on track, but if I don’t plan what I’m eating that day and how/what I’m going to do for exercise, my mind shifts into the old place.


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