Adding Muscle and Endurance August and September 2011

Lots of cycling in August thanks to the training for the Pedal to the Point and the 90 miles in one day bike ride 2 weeks later.

Meanwhile, I’ve been HUNGRY and eating more, so my weight has actually increased 3-4 pounds since early June. I think the workouts will get less intense and my appetite will slow down a little bit too. We’ll see. Maybe I need another Blog to Lose or Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants challenge to push me over the plateau a bit.

Either way, I’ve really gotten stronger on the bicycle. Have been considering trying running again. Although I did a few miles in early July when my bike was in the shop, I started having tendon issues again, so I’m pretty tentative about doing the “pounding” that running provides on my ligiments, joints and tendons. No amount of stretching and hot/cold packs seems to stop it from happening.

The worst thing would be an injury that stops me from exercising 3-4 times a week like I have been all summer. Pretty soon I’ll be back inside doing treadmill things as the weather gets rainy/snowy/cold, but until then, I’m enjoying the outside activities.


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