Back into October Focus

It has been a few months since I finished the fundraising bike ride. Since then did some long rides and I imagine built some muscle. But was having the most stubborn time trying to get the scale to move.

Finally the last couple weeks, well 3 to be exact, have started to see the scale go down again. Almost down to a new low.

But it’s taking an hour of spinning on Saturday, followed by a 5K 40 minute run… and on Sunday a 6 mile walk (2 hours). Plus an hour of spinning on Wednesday. So that is 4 hours 40 minutes of strong-moderate exercise a week to get the scale going.

I’ve been doing a mediocre job of tracking. While my eating has been pretty good. Lots of vegies and fruits. My tracking has been less than sloppy. This week I’m going to focus on tracking. It really makes the difference.

This week also marks one year of tracking my exercise. I think I’m much better at logging into daily mile and writing down what I did than I am at logging into weightwatchers and tracking what I ate. Funny, I don’t miss a mile or an hour of working out in my tracking, but I sure can skip points or even days when it comes to logging in my consumption.

I want to get better at measuring… both in cups, spoons and ounces on the kitchen counter scale.


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