Weigh in Moderate Success

A -.2 is better than a gain, right? Maybe I should have skipped the popcorn in the microwave bag the night before. Even though it was 94% fat free, lots of salt. In fact my lips hurt by the time I finished the bag. Plus all the numbers for calculating are so bizarre I could justify it being 9 points or 3 points or 1 point just by my weird math. I think it’s best to stick with my plain air popped where I know what I add.

Went out for Mexican food after the weigh in. Skipped the 5 rice and ate the 4 refried beans with my grilled chicken fahita… and only ate one of the roll-ups and none of the cheese. Substituted sour cream for salsa. Ate all the chicken, vegies, lettuce w tomatoes and extra salsa. Very satisfying. Also had a 3 point wine instead of a 9 point margaretta.

Put a serious dent in the chips though! Love the fried and salsa.

Not too bad at the scale this morning and I thought all the salt from the chips would do me in.

I’m trying to reach a new milestone by the end of January. Did a 2 hour spin class on Saturday and 2 hours of skiing on Sunday. Might spin instead of ski tonight because it is supposed to rain.


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