Workout and Weight Updates –

I’ve been killing it at boot camp. Just finished the 3rd week. 9 done! So much so that I’m dragging during the day. Yesterday I really pushed it and my left achiles tendon is acting up today.

Each boot camp is between 700 and 850 calories according to my heart monitor watch and I believe it. We did a team relay that involved 8 different 15 rep exercises (medicine ball slam or suicide push ups or mountain climbers) and then run down and do 10 push ups. Who would think that a month ago I would actually do 200 exercises without stopping or cheating? The power of peer pressure!!!

At the beginning of June I couldn’t even do 5 push ups!

Meanwhile I keep adding a few ounces here and a few ounces there. Maybe it is muscle but I think it’s the combo of the heat, drinking so much water and adding more salt to my diet.

Today’s the big family reunion. Where everyone brings their best, yummiest food for the potluck. I’m making keenwa (quinoa?) salad. I’m going to try to eat healthy as much as possible and stay active. My Weight Watcher leader Lois says: Make it about the people. And that is exactly WHY we’re there! So I’ll be drinking lots of water in this heat and trying to stay away from too many deserts!

Just applied for a blogging assistantship at FitBloggin’12! Hope I get selected!!

Chris at the Popchips Booth at FitBloggin 11

Chris at the Popchips Booth at FitBloggin 11


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