Monday – Workout and Workout

Yesterday started bright and early. Well at least early!! Got up at 5 to make the 5:45 am boot camp. Great workout as my left achilles tendon was doing better and we focused on arms.

—Warm UP—

  • Jog 4 laps
  • high knees up, high knees back
  • spider up and back
  • butt kick up and back
  • lunge up, jog back

____________”warm up over”———

One minute or 20 each of:

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 “skull crushers” lay on back, raise weight above head and down
  • 20 heizmans (strike a pose)
  • 20 dumb bell curls (v in back w a squat)
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 dumb bell lifts (wrist in low, wrists out high w a squat)
  • Fast feet for one minute
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 20 suicide planks (arm in a plank, raise one by one to push up and lower one by one to a plank)
  • 20 dumb bell swings (with a snap in your hips, db swings up naturally)
  • High knees for one minute

I probably have the order wrong, and forgot a couple, but you get the idea. The only thing that was “easy” was the skull crushers and the hip dumb bell swings because I was using 3 lb weights. I am feeling it in my shoulders today, but I probably should increase to 5 lbs next time.

Repeat again for 3 sets.

—-team drills–
4 cones placed in a square
Run up from the first cone to the second cone.
Spider sideways to the third cone.
Run backwards to the last cone.
Run forwards to the third cone.
Continue forward to the push up station.
Put your feet up on the bench and do 10 raised push ups while your team member starts the “square” run.
Jog back into line.
– do this twice –
then run over to the 2nd station which is just like the first, except no pushups, V-ups instead. These seemed easier but I probably wasn’t doing them with the correct form.

—cool down —
legs apart, bend down to one ankle. Hold.
Bend over to other ankle.
Bend into the middle.
Lunge with bent right knee over toes, bend over right knee.
Switch to left knee.
Squat in middle and hold.
Arm across to stretch rotator cuff
Behind head reaching down back.
Switch arm across
Switch arm down.
Stand on one foot, heel to tailbone for 10 seconds
Switch feet

650 calories.

In the evening after work, went spinning for an endurance ride. I exercised 1 hour 15 minutes with 50 minutes in the zone. 742 calories.

Was I tired! Especially since Sunday afternoon went bike riding for 2 hours 25 minutes and 28 miles.

How did I become such an exercise nut? I barely was walking on the treadmill a few years ago?!

January 2011: It’s funny, it is so much easier to exercise when I’m thinner.  Maybe it was lugging around that extra 40 + pounds that made it so un enjoyable!  It’s almost fun now.



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