What I Do To Maintain Healthy Diet Motivation

A couple of years ago I thought I made  whole bunch of changes that I should continue for the rest of my life. Mostly about eating.

But as I look over all my logs, records and tracking tools, I realize the biggest the past two years is exercise.

I track on MyDailyMile, Strata (bike app), Weight Watchers, and a little bit about how I’m feeling on this blog Healthy Diet Motivation.

I use etools Weight Watchers for my weight and somewhat for what I eat.  Since I got the app on my phone, it’s easier to log in, but I’m still not consistent.

Breakfast and lunch are going well, but dinner and especially snacking after dinner can be a challenge. I’m still very leary of getting complacent and gaining it back. I’m 59 pounds lost right now and want to get to 66 pounds gone for a 24.8 bmi.  (My goals used to be a 23.4 bmi, but I’ve relented a bit…)

I wrote an email to myself that I continue to read and reply that is helping me with maintaining/losing the last few pounds.

In a way I’d rather maintain where I am at the BMI of 26 than to go all the way to my plan of 24.8 and then into “maintain” mode.  If I’m not there yet, the losing is not happening but not the gaining either.  But when I get there, it’s like I feel like there’s no where to go but up and I’ll lose my support system and routines.

Silly because I’ve been at this weight since last July. Maintained for almost a year.

But not silly, because I bet I’ve yoyoed with a 25 or 40 pound gain after every diet at least seven times seriously. I’m trying to keep history from repeating itself!!!


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