Wow, Hit my Goal today…

Got on the scale this morning and 147.8 greeted me.  wow. Two weeks ago I officially set my Weight Watchers goal at 149.  Guess I hit my goal.

Feels awe-fully anticlimatic. No trumpets. No fireworks.  No wild applause and cheering.

I feel like I thought I would.  Worried I’ll gain it all back.  It’s not logical, I know how to eat, how to curb cravings, why I was doing things in a way that added weight.  Or maybe not.  So many people who lose weight gain it back.  It’s taken me over a year to lose this last 5 pounds.  Mostly because I’m “afraid of success”…

I need a really good system, program what have you to keep on being motivated.  That’s why I named this blog Healthy Diet Motivation because that’s what I need to have so I figured if I write about it, link to other blogs that inspire me to keep a healthy diet and figure out a routine for healthy eating and exercise, I’ll keep it.

My breakfast of choice is the same one everyday.  Not really much different than the one I had every morning of high school… and very similar to what I would eat during my 20’s on the weekends when we’d go out to breakfast.

Here’s the “recipe” —

spray frying pan liberally with olive oil flavored Pam (or store brand). Pour in liberal amount of Eggbeaters (or store brand) until the bottom of the pan is covered and is about 1/2 an inch thick.  Pop down toaster with one Arnold whole grain sandwich round.  (Eggs =3 pts+.   Arnold=3 pts+) let it cook.  Add cut up vegies if convenient.  Make packed lunch while egg is cooking.  Turn eggs over once with spatula.  Add 25 oz of Kraft no fat cheese shredded – a large finger pinch full (2 pts+) when cheese melts, toast pops up.  Put toast on plate, split omlet into 2 pieces and put onto toast.  Eat and enjoy.

Lunch is one can of tuna packed in water (2 pts+) put into a large plastic container (usually red lid of old Hillshire farms turkey container) with 2 cups of vegies cut up.  Squash, onion, celery, zuchini, tomato, cucumber, green red or yellow pepper, eggplant, I’ve put just about any vegie you could imagine in there to fill the container. Lots of Mrs. Dash spice.  Lemon or lime juice.  It’s a 2 1/2 cup container so really fills up your stomach for 2 pts+, also bring a 2 or 3 fruits: banana, apple, pear, peach, plum or what ever for a 10 am snack and a 3 pm snack.
If I eat out at lunch with a business meeting, I usually have a salad (prefer spinach) with grilled chicken or grilled salmon.  dressing on the side.  No bacon, light or no cheese (depending on the restaurant) and few if any crutons.  I ask for extra tomatoes, and other vegies if they have them.  I guess the secret is filling up with vegies and eating good lean meat protein.  Skip the bread, unless it’s awesome.  There’s one restaurant that I meet at that has stickie buns in the bread basket.  I bet they are 8 points just for the little roll.  I skip those.  I drink ice with lemon or ice tea.

If 3 pm hits and I really really need a pick up, I drink a diet coke with 2 or 3 pretzel rods.  So this gets me to dinner time with a 10 to 15 points left.
So, I’ve been eating like this since Oct. 2007 — 4 years, 9 months, and 18 days OR 1753 days or 42,072 hours,  or 2,524,320 minutes GIVE OR TAKE. Long enough that I should know now how to do this…

I will be glad when I’m 4 or 5 years into maintanence of this weight and “know” how to do this part!!


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