Six, No, Four Months Later – Into the Maintenance Phase

It seems like I’ve been “Lifetime” for ever… well six months at least.  But really not even a full 4 months since July 30 until November 16.  I am at 150.6 this morning.  Technically within the 2 pound range of weightwatchers for a check in, however that is in the morning in the nude.

So here it is mid November and I haven’t done a weigh in for November because I don’t want to pay!  I need to lose one pound by next Tuesday for the weigh in so I can continue my lifetime no pay status… or leave my last one until just after the Thanksgiving day weigh in.  Bad timing!

Here’s what I’ve done exercise wise during the last 3 and 1/2 months:

Monday – 6:15 to 7:15 pm Yoga/Pilates — it’s called a fusion. Lots of standing on one foot and balancing like a ballerina.  Good music. About 5 minutes of intense ab workout to music and it gets me evertime.  My abs are really shaping up.  Used heavier weights (6lb) during the arm part and felt really strong Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – 6:30 to 7:30 pm Boot Camp /Pre season ski conditioning: the ski patrol hired a personal trainer for anyone who wants to get in shape before ski season… individuals pay a very low fee.  About 25 of us do an hour of lunges, burpee/pushups, run up/down the stairs on one foot, dog walk like in a plank, tricep dips, lunge up the mountain, spider side squats, superman one leg up and then back/outs, wide pushups, star push ups, side planks, front planks, joe louis sit ups, bicycle to elbow, sissor over unders, bridges, one arm/one leg ups, drag body with hands, V ups, etc.  The trainer is awesome at controlling the group which is great because the group can get very rowdy.  It’s fun and we pot luck afterwards with “healthy food” and a bit of wine.  I’ve become better friends with everyone (they’ve really seen me sweat) and now I’m eagerly looking forward to ski season for the first time ever.

Wednesday – sometimes will go spinning… maybe 3 times during this time period.  They switched instructors at my gym and the guy that’s been doing wednesdays has bad music… and the other guy that substitiutes can be annoying.  Also I took a computer class to improve my CSS and HTML skills. (Little bit of Jquery in there too!)  good for not eating but I subsituted bag of 3 wwpoints popcorn 2 different nights and the salt killed my scale readings for 2 days following each.  Shouldn’t eat that popcorn.  WWWWWay to much salt.

Before my computer class started (Oct 10) I was bike riding every Wednesday.  Usually about 15 or 20 miles.  It’s great before the time change, but daylight savings time wrecked that option as it is pitch black out at 5:30 now.

Thursday – 6:30 to 7:30 – Boot camp again at the ski lodge – Another round of boot camp calestentics.  Some of my hardest ones – the wall for one minute. Pushups for one minute.  the wall with one leg up for one minute.  push ups for one minute (never thought I’d figure the pushups were for the break!!) the wall with the other leg for one minute. one more set of push ups.  Last night my husband figured 125 pushups thruout the entire work out with breaks of things in between.  I love the leg lifts for 5 seconds.  1-2-3-4-5, switch 2-2-3-4-5, switch 3-2-3-4-5, switch 4-2-3-4-5.  Three sets with another exercise in between.  I think it’s how he pairs the 2 or 3 exercises that we rotate thru that really makes it effective.

Friday  Rest.  Although sometimes my husband and I got to the gym and walk the track.  Then into the warm water pool to stretch.  Take some time to do the warm water river walking against the current.  Then into the hot tub.  Makes all the muscles feel great after a long week and it really isnt’ exercise, but more the reward for all the other exercise.

Saturday – My favorite exercise day! – 8-9 Kickboxing. – Never thought I’d like this.  It’s sometimes called turboboxing too.  Lots of hopping around – where I baby my left ankle… with jab-jab-upper- hook…. rolling bag backwards, knee-tap-kickback, etc for 45 minutes and then about 10 minutes of abs. ouch!  Great music so the time flies.  10:30 to 11:30 Mat Pilates – lots of stretching and isometric conditioning but not as wild and sweaty as the boot camp.  Music is more spiritual. Great ab workout and legs.  My flexibilty has really improved with this class as well as my balance.  Not sure it’s for strength but I figure it’s all about moderation and flexibilty/balance are very important to maintaining all of the good health things I want.  Between 9 and 10:30 I’ve been running to the grocery store which is right around the corner so I get one of the biggest chores of the week out of the way without an extra trip.  I love Saturdays because by noon I feel invincable…

Sunday – varies.  Sometimes a bike ride. Three times I went to the beginning Yoga class and I’m getting that.  Probably my go to, and I can still make it to church at the late service after getting home and taking a shower.   Once I tried Tai Chi, but everyone in the class was advanced and I had no clue. Wasn’t a welcoming environment.s  The bike ride is with skiers on bikes and we’ll do about 15 miles or so before a pot luck or go out to dinner together. I’m always famished so the tendency is to eat too much after the workout.  I’ve gotta figure out how to curb that.  Maybe bring an extra water bottle and drink that before the meal.

Total calories burned for the week: ALOT! The 2 classes on Saturday are about 1100.  Bootcamps: 450 to 600 depending on how much cardio in the class.  Yoga and pilates only about 200 maybe 250.  Bike riding about 500 an hour for me. Spinning about 700 for an hour.

aboutr 2600 to 3500 calories burned extra a week.  If I slow down on the exercise that means I’ve got to eliminate the equivalent of 2 days of eating because I’m taking in about 1500 calories a day.  (10500 a week…. burning 3000 a week means 7000 for the week or only 1000 a day?) if I stop exercising.It’s all about the math and eating  a lot of vegies.  Now that it’s colder there are fewer vegies and I notice I’m gravitating to the potatos and butternut heavier squash instead of the lettuce/tomatoes and summer squash


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