The Next Goal – NWCR

I find it is hard not to gain if I don’t stay focused on my maintenance and so I’ve set another goal: becoming a member of the National Weight Control Registry.

To be a member, you have to have lost 30 pounds or more and kept it off for a year. While I’ve actually lost over 60 pounds, I’ve been in weight loss mode for almost 5 years before hitting my weight watcher goal of 149.  So on July 30, 2013 I plan to enroll in the NWCR weighing 149 (plus or minus 2 pounds).

I’ve got a plan for maintenance, and the main thing I’ve done in sticking to it is:

  • weigh every morning
  • pack my lunch with vegetables and 2 snacks
  • exercise at least 5 hours a week
  • keep up with my etools charts in WW

Today I woke up at 149.6 pounds, not bad considering a fast food dinner last night at Five Guys.  I had 2 veggie burgers (no burger) and snuck some of my husband’s fries. (lots o carbs with lousy bun and deepfried potatoes.  Water.  Even with all the grease and salt in the fries, I came thru pretty well.  (breakfast, the usual eggbeaters with skinny bun bread and no fat cheese (6 pts_) at 8 am, lunch at 1pm was cauliflower, apple and banana 0 pts… and a snack of 2 greek yogerts 8 pts at 4:30. 2 big bottles of flavored water.)

Looking forward to my Saturday workout!!  8-9 kickbox, 9:30 to 10:30 zumba and 10:30 to 11:30 pilates. Gonna sneak in zumba instead of the grocery store.  3 hours of exercise… is that obsessive??


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