Split Lunges for a 3 Minute Workout

Just watched a video about a 3 mnute workout that I want to remember.  It’s inside weight watchers, so I don’t think I can link to it effectively.  But in essence:

Split lunges.  For quads and glutes with balance.

  • Put one foot on a chair or park bench.
  • Face away from the chair or bench .Have the toe down and the heel up.
  • The other foot is far infront in a semi split.
  • Suck in your belly to engage your core to aid with balance.
  • Bend the knee but don’t let the knee move infront of the toe or you’ll have knee pain.
  • Keep front knee over the shoe laces of shoe… NOT over toe.
  • Don’t let the knee joint roll in.  Move your butt back to support over the back leg.
  • Drop Straight Down.  Pause at the bottom for half a second to take the momentum out of the exercise.
  • Go for 90 degrees knee leg to thigh and 90 degrees hip to body.
  • Two to three count.
  • Do twelve dips.  rest.  3 sets of twelve!

Side squat lunges

Lunge with weights


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