Exercises from Boot Camp Last Night

Nice work out last night at boot camp.  It was hard, but not heavy breathing, heart pounding hard.  Hard like “ouch” muscle hurts hard.

Series 3x reps.

30 seconds each for 3x each side =

  • Lunge 30 seconds pulse each leg. 3 rounds each. 3 minutes total.  That last minute was really hard. Almost wished I hadn’t been spinning 90 minutes the night before!
  • He calls them Supermans… I call them Dipsee Doodles.  Stand on one foot keeping leg straight, raise knee and hands, bend forward at hips bringing back foot up with leg straight and getting chest as low to ground as possible.  30 seconds each foot.  3 times thru – 3 minutes total.
  • Feet on chair behind you, Arms in high plank. Knee lift hydrants 30 seconds each knee. 3 x.  for 3 minutes total.
  • Knee to chest & then up in the air behind, while arms are in high plank and foot is on chair.


  • Knee lift hydrants with feet on a chair. This hurt my knee so I went down for “normal” hydrants.
  • Knee to chest & then up in the air behind, while arms are in high plank and foot is on chair. (I did it on the ground because of knee pain)
  • High bridge: lie on back. feet raised on chair. Arms crossed on chest. Raise up in bridge for count of 5. Lower down for count.  15 reps.

Arms and ABs: 
We did Countdowns:  55 reps of 2 exercies.  Breaks down like this: 10 exercises of A, 9 exercises of B, 8 exercises of A, 7 exercises of B, 6 of A, 5 of B, 4 of A, 3 of B, 2 of A, 1 of B. for a total of 55 reps. (220 all together)

  • Jumping Jacks A/ Bicycle on your back B
  • Burpee A and Jack Knife B — In place:  Burpee with wide feet (up toward chest, back like pushup stance, wide feet out, feet together again, then up toward chest for 2nd) paired with Jack Knife on back (for me with hands under my butt and head/shoulders off the ground)
  • Mountain Climbers A with Tricept Dips B
  • Feet up in air – hands pulse up to touch toes/updown sissor (like a flutter kick)

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