Plank with a Donkey Kick

The other day I wrote about boot camp… and had some trouble thinking of all the exercises.

One of them involved the knee pain for me, so I modified it.  It was supposed to be foot on a chair, arms in high plank.  Raise other foot up behind you.

I modified it to a regular foot on mat, arms in high plank position, donkey kick up… and then knees and high plank.  One foot flexed up to ceiling for 30 seconds of pulsing. Switch. Three times for 3 minutes of plank with donkey kick.  Found a website with 8 variations of planking.  I think I might try to do 5 minutes of planking a day (by switching around the planks) to keep my core – abs, arms, glutes engaged.

In looking at this website, I probably should have been in elbow plank instead of high arm plank (like the one in illustration 9)… but I’d just modified from something like this one where your feet are up high. It hurt my knees. The trainer said to get my butt up higher so maybe I was sagging. It’s hard to know how you look without someone there to coach you. This could be a problem for trying to do these on my own. I may just stick with the old boring ones at home.


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