Below Scream Weight – Made It Another Goal!


Just under the overweight threshold into NORMAL. Half a pound takes me to OVERWEIGHT in the BMI.

Just under the overweight threshold into NORMAL. Half a pound takes me to OVERWEIGHT in the BMI.

This is the season of food, friends, food, family, food and festivities.  And did I mention “FOOD”?  The sweets of Christmas candies, cookies, and chocolates makes it so hard to control my sugar buzz and cravings. That’s why I’m  so thrilled that between Thanksgiving and Christmas I’ve gotten below scream weight twice now… the second time has taken me most of the month of December. 149.4 this morning. 

I get + or – 2 pounds of 149 for ww lifetime free etools, but I want it + or – two pounds from the goal of 147.5 which is my BMI NORMAL for my 5′ 4.5″ height.  I know, I know, 149.4 is technically overweight, so why should I be happy?  Because I’m on MAINTENANCE and I know the scale will fluctuate.  And I’m within the + or – I need.  Do I want more of a cushion.  Sure.  But I’m there.

How’d I get back? Even with a bunch of parties, lunches, dinners, and goodies thrust upon me??

A head of cauliflower for dinner two nights this week.  Grilled chicken on an awesome salad of great vegetables.  Lots and lots of water.  Snacks often!! But vegetables and fruits — not chips and dips.  Tuna on quinoa with chopped celery/onion/peppers. Egg beater breakfasts. And doing my 5/7 exercise routine of 5 hours of exercise for every 7 days.

Yes!  2013 is going to be an awesome year.  July 30 national weight registry goal of one year of keeping 63 pounds off and 1 year of free etools lifetime membership in WW.  (I’m not counting the 5 years it’s taken to get 63 pounds off! )    Aug 3-4 Pedal to the Point goal of 150 bike miles in a weekend.  Oct 9th 2013, 6 years of ww membership…


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