Halfway Thru January and 16 hours of Exercise

So far I’m doing better than my new years resolution of 5/7.  Five hours of exercise for every week.  I’ve managed to do one hour a day by doubling up on the days where I have time.

1/15/13 One hour conditioning with group.  Basic assessment

  • 59 leg lifts with someone with me holding your ankles.
  • 29 arms on shoulders, on back, sit ups with knees up- elbow touch to knee
  • 24 push-ups on my knees.
  • Seven times around the track in 12 minutes maybe eight times I lost count jumping jacks jumped rope high knees but kicks lunge punch Cross and marching line-in jack lunge.

1/15/13- Tuesday night, spinning with Tom.
1/14/2013 Monday night spinning one hour with Sherry
1/13/2013 Sunday (superstar) Yoga from 9 until 1130 with a 15 minute break And Zumba from 6 PM until 7 PM

1/12/13 Saturday spinning for 90 minutes with Sherry and Zumba with Cindy for one hour
Friday skip.
1/10/13 Thursday conditioning for one hour from 530 until 630. Then ski one hour.

Wednesday 9 and Tuesday 8 no exercise.
1/7/13 – ? not sure

1/6/13 Sunday was two hours of yoga in the morning
1/5/13 Saturday was one hour of spinning and one hour of Zumba with my sister.
1/1/13 New Year’s Day one hour spinning


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