Another HIIT/Boot Camp Finished, New One Starts

Last week was the end of the first session with weight maintenance program/ Biggest Loser and I lost 8.5 pounds and gained one pound of muscle… The trainer says that means I actually lost a whole other pound of fat to replace it with muscle!  I’m excited because I feel a lot stronger.  Last Thursday did the test to compare where I was the first week and 8 weeks later.


  • pushups 18 to 25
  • sit ups   24 to 34
  • leg lifts 59 to 75
  • push the bar (flexibility) 23 to 23.5

I lost 8.5 pounds and gained one pound of muscle over 8 weeks. Best of all, my BMI numbers takes me from overweight to normal. Weight 151.5 to 143.

I even “ran” the track for 12 minutes. (Okay…  my arms were running, but my feet still looked like a fast walk)

Guess I’m doing more than maintaining.  “Maintaining” somehow sounds like flat lining to me.

Second session started yesterday.  We really just worked arms and abs.  New goal: to do cardio every day for 500 calories.

This is my fifth High Intensity Interval Training session in a row! June-July , August/September, October/November into Dec.  Jan/Feb, starting March/April into May.  No wonder I’m getting stronger!!!


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