Motivational Videos

It helps me to see other folks who have lost weight and now are in the maintenance phase.
Yesterday when I went to church (haven’t been for a while) a friend was surprised at how I have lost so much weight. “Promise me you won’t lose any more weight.” He doesn’t realize that I’m just now getting to my pre-pregnancy weight from 25 years ago. And that I’m at 24.3 BMI (normal is 18-24.9) because most of the time he’s known me for the last 20 some years, I’ve been as high as 35 BMI (obese).

So normal (even high normal) seems too skinny to some people who are used to seeing me obese and even when I was overweight were thinking I was “too thin” — like my mom, when she hugs me, she says “you’re nothing but skin and bones.”

It must be that the “normal” is obese. Size 14 is average in the US. So I guess so. If 5′ 4″ is average. and the normal weight for 5’4″ looks pretty thin. Here’s the BMI chart for handy reference:

Anyway, there are 2 videos that I find motivational: Diane 150 pounds Gone Forever Ben Does Life My 120 pound Journey

With me only losing around 63 or 64 pounds, and taking 4 3/4 years to do, (October 9, 2007 – July 30, 2012) it seems less significant then their loss, but at the same time, keeping 63 pounds off (July 30 to June 4) is probably a bigger accomplishment than losing it, for me.  Since I’ve lost weight lots of times before.  But this time, I’m going to keep as strong and determined on the keeping it off as the losing.  Maybe more.  Even my weight loss friends want me to have cake for breakfast at birthdays.  And crackers and cheese with wine on the deck. With lots of fattening appetizers… (luckily I still go for the vegies)

I guess it still is amazing to me how fast 1100 to 1200 calories go in one day.  Even when I work out, I still don’t feel like I have tons of extra calories to eat.

breakfast: banana 100, egg beaters (3/4 cup- 90 cals)) with no fat cheese shredded either mottzerlla or cheddar (45 calories), two toasts (sometimes pepperidge farm rye 160 calories) or one pepperidge farm deli flat 7 grain/arnold sandwich thin (usually – 100 calories) buttered with Light Promise spread (40) with 3 cups of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk (100 calories).  475 to 535– call it 500 calories give or take.

morning snack: greek yogert no fat with fruit in it:  140 calories (640 cumulative)

lunch: varies but usually around 300 calories 940 cumulative

afternoon snack: apple and banana:  230 calories  1170 cumulative — already before dinner!!

sometimes I have peanut butter first in morning instead of banana.  Sometimes the greek yogert is part of the lunch.  Sometimes the 2nd banana I eat after dinner when i HAVE to have something.

Finished another bootcamp today.  Strong.  Did boot camp M/W/F/S last week. Rode 30 miles Sat/10 miles Sunday.  Ran Weds 1.85 miles. Th 2 miles.

So I’m maintaining by counting calories – both eating calories and exercise calories.


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