4th of July – Maintain Success!

Even a family reunion, a wine/cheese party at an art festival and a family picnic on the beach (two different days over the 4th of July weekend) didn’t mess up my weight maintain program this time!

Ate the fruit. Brought a very healthy and pretty veggies cut up small and quinoa salad. Had some desserts, but just a “taste” (1 or 2 small spoonfuls) instead of a serving (8 spoonfuls).

Drank lots of water. And it was HOT! Made it about the people and talked with people asking them questions.

Thursday – no exercise
Friday morning – ran 3 miles.
Saturday morning – boot camp 1 hour
Sunday morning (plan – Yoga)

Weight: 148 today. 1/2 a pound heavier than Tuesday. (yeah)

In prior years, a weekend like this would have had me gaining 5 pounds, because #1 I would have felt the pressure to eat everyone’s specialty and then #2) I would have wanted to go back to eat the things I really liked and then #3) I would have felt bored/nervous/socially uncomfortable so would have a plate to cover my feelings and then 4) one of the dessert foods would be calling to me.

This time, I skipped #1, did #2, skipped #3 and ate 2 or 3 tastes of #4


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